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UNIVERSAL LAWS – The Universal Law Of Divine Oneness


You can consider the universal laws your user manual for living on planet earth. Most people who want to improve their quality of life do so by trial and error until they find the right formula while the majority of people on the planet are not even aware that they have a choice; they don’t know that they can take control of their life and make constructive changes simply by consciously aligning with the Universal Laws.

This article will focus on The Universal Law Of Oneness. Future posts will focus on other laws of the universe.


The main precept of this law is that everything is connected and everything is affected by everything else in existence and that includes you. You are affected by the energy of the universe and as an individual who is part of the universe – your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions have an effect on everything else to some degree.

Everything is connected – everything. You are connected with other people, with the earth, with the solar system and with All That Is. Everything you think, say, do, and believe affects the whole – it affects everyone and everything because everything in this universe shares a connection with everything else.  


I’m including The Law of Mentalism with The Law of Divine Oneness because the precept of this law is that all is one Mind.

This law which is from Hermetic teachings is known as an immutable law. In other words, it cannot be influenced; however, knowing how it works we can use it to our advantage. Source is Mind, the universe is mental and everything we see and experience in our world originates in the mental world. It’s similar to The Divine Law of Oneness in that there is only one Universal Consciousness – One Mind, and your mind is part of that mind. You create your reality via your mind (just like the Creator creates with the greater Mind that you are a part of. Your thoughts, feelings and beliefs affect the collective consciousness as well. 

Practical Practices to Align with The Law of Divine Oneness

Since everything is interconnected and we are one, our rate of vibration affects everyone and everything to some degree. Therefore, it is imperative that we maintain positive thoughts, feelings and actions the majority of the time.

We can do this by seeing the best in people even if it’s just acknowledging the spark of the Creator within them. Looking for the blessing or lesson in all situations, whether we consider them positive or negative from our perspective, is imperative as well. This normally takes time and practice before it becomes our natural way of being. Typically, we react to situations before we think, so initially it’s important to take a breath or two and think before we respond to a situation (Practicing mindfulness – being consciously present in the moment is very helpful.) Sometimes silence or no response is the best response.

We can increase our frequency by embracing love, forgiveness, compassion, and gratitude all of which benefit the whole and increase our vibration as well. We can embrace love just by feeling love or expressing our love for another individual. We can forgive others and our self. We can feel compassion for those less fortunate. We can express our gratitude and/or say “thank you” to our self throughout the day. We can replace feelings like fear, jealousy, hate and envy with love.

Another approach is to do something, anything that makes you feel good, like take a walk, meditate, play a musical instrument, do something creative, exercise, dance, sing, take a long, a relaxing bath – anything that makes you feel good because when you feel good you are emitting a high vibration.

May you walk with a smile holding love in your heart. 

Be joyful, embrace life and thrive!

With love,


P.S. Universal Laws posts will include:

  1. THE LAW OF DIVINE ONENESS – Everything is connected
  2. THE LAW OF VIBRATION – Everything vibrates
  3. THE LAW OF CORRESPONDENCE – As above so below
  4. THE LAW OF INSPIRED ACTION – We need to take action to accomplish something
  5. THE LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT – The law of karma
  6. THE LAW OF ATTRACTION – Like attracts like
  7. THE LAW OF PERPETUAL TRANSMUTATION OF ENERGY – Everything is always changing
  8. THE LAW OF RELATIVITY – Everything is neutral, everything is relative
  9. THE LAW OF BALANCE – Creation requires two energies, masculine and feminine
  10. THE LAW OF GENDER – Masculine and feminine
  11. THE LAW OF POLARITY – Everything has an opposite
  12. THE LAW OF RHYTHM – Everything moves in a cycle

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The Practice Of Conscious Change


Resisting change

Most of us prefer to stay in our comfort zone and resist trying something new or making a change.  Rather than take a calculated risk we would rather stay where we are because where we are is something we are familiar with.  In some cases, possibly many, our present circumstances are not beneficial and may even be painful.

As human beings, our growth does not come from being in a comfortable place.  Pushing the envelope, taking risks, and making changes in our lives allows us to grow and become more than we were before taking those steps.  This can be done by taking small steps, making small changes that add up over time.

Once in a while, a quantum leap is made.  Many times this kind of change is thrust upon us by a life-altering situation, such as divorce, death, illness, accident or some other adverse occurrence.

When this happens we don’t have a choice about the event.  However, we always have a choice about how we will respond to the situation, and that can make a world of difference!  Our attitude about life in general as well as specific events in our life can be changed.  We have the inherent ability to alter the way we think and modify our beliefs.  Yes, it takes effort but we are capable, and the more we make these adjustments the easier it becomes to adapt.

We determine how we react to any given situation in life.  One can react with fear, or look at it as an opportunity, wondering what good will come from it?  Every challenging situation has a jewel within.  It provides a valuable lesson when we are willing to learn.  If we are not willing to learn life has a way of presenting us with similar situations over and over again until we decide to master the situation.  We have free will, so we can brood about the problem; on the other hand, we can also consider the situation a gift, an opportunity and make the best of it.  When we look for the gift we find it!  Not only do we find the jewel but it helps us move through the event with much more ease and grace.

We have probably all heard stories of someone who has had a tragedy of some sort in their life; an unfortunate event.  What happens to them after the incident shows their true character and attitude toward life.  A prime example is Christopher Reeve.  This man was on top of his world when a horse-riding accident paralyzed him and changed his life.  He could have been a bed-ridden individual feeling sorry for himself the rest of his life, instead, he chose to continue to live life to the fullest and was a powerful inspiration for many.  Compared to Christopher Reeve, in most cases, our problems are minuscule.

Detour - Conscious change

Change is inevitable whether we accept and embrace it or not.  Whether we like it or not we are going to experience change. Period. Change is an essential aspect of life.  So, our only choice is how we respond to change.  Are we embracing change, even seeking it, so that we can expand our awareness, knowledge, and wisdom, or are we resisting the inevitable; are we resisting change, thereby denying ourselves the wisdom of the experience?  Of course, if we are resisting it will most likely be thrust upon us again, providing another opportunity to embrace the challenge and learn from the experience.

My suggestion is that you embrace change.  In fact, if you are not feeling a little uncomfortable with your circumstances periodically, look for something that will challenge you, something that puts you outside your comfort zone, and notice the sense of satisfaction you have after moving through that experience.

Initiating this can be as simple as taking a different direction to work periodically or some other place you go regularly.  It can be reading if you don’t normally read, taking a walk if you don’t normally do so.  Initiating change in your life can be smiling at a stranger or complementing someone if this is not something you normally do.  After a while, some of your new ventures will become a normal practice for you, and even if they don’t you will have ventured out of your cocoon like a butterfly and that alone will provide a feeling of accomplishment.

Follow your heart, embrace joy and thrive!


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This Is Why Your Point Of Focus Is Of Paramount Importance


Greetings, dear ones. Your planet is experiencing a time of great change. Each and every one of you are experiencing a major shift as well. This, dear ones, this is an extraordinary opportunity; a time of choice, a time of quantum growth potential. This is a unique time, a grand time on your planet, and a grand time for the cosmos.  You have the ability to make unparalleled changes within yourself and your planet. You are creating your world via your thoughts, your feelings and your actions. You are also creating your group environment and the experiences of your planet as a whole, via your group consciousness. Your point of focus is of paramount importance during this period. Your point of focus determines what you are creating, what you are manifesting in your life, and in your world. This is an opportunity to make grand changes; to make quantum leaps in your spiritual development, in the growth of you as an individual and the growth of your planet.

We ask that you consider focusing on that which you wish to create, rather than what you see and experience in the world. If you wish to see your planet at peace, we encourage you to see the planet at peace, to feel yourself at peace – to experience the feeling of peace. We encourage you to focus on what you would like to see and experience in your world.

You have free will, dear ones; it is your choice.  It is always your choice whether you choose to employ in your life what we share.

When interacting with another human being, we invite you to look at their good points.  Find something to appreciate or love about them; something that will bring forth the light, something that will allow their light within to shine brighter.  As you do so, the light within you will shine brighter as well.

This is an opportunity for unprecedented leaps; you make these quantum leaps via your point of focus.  We encourage you to focus on the good within your world. We encourage you to focus on the good within yourself. We encourage you to maintain a high vibration, by placing your attention on the way you want your world to look – feeling the pleasure of that experience, rather than the way it appears.  When you focus on present discordant circumstances, you are reinforcing and re-creating the same experience; you are giving energy to that which you focus on.  When one wishes to change their circumstances or their world, it is imperative to hold the vision, hold the feeling of the New World, the new reality you wish manifest.

These are suggestions should you choose to follow them. You have free will; you have the ability to make your own choice for your highest good and the highest good of all. You are a sovereign being, and only you can make these choices; only you have the ability to change your circumstances and your world, through your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions.

As you go forth, we encourage you to focus on that which you want in your life, that which you desire in your world.  Your point of focus will determine your destination.   When you travel from one city to another, there is always the thought, even though it may be in the back of the mind, of where you are going, of your destination.  We encourage you to do the same with destinations that are not in the physical realm, which you wish to manifest in your world

Should you choose to do this, dear ones, know that we are watching. We are encouraging you. We are applauding you.

You are loved beyond your knowing.


Randall’s comments:

This is a timely topic that Lord Melchizedek has been nudging me to bring forth. I addressed focusing on the solution rather than the problem in previous posts. In this post, I’ll share a few ways in which I redirect my focus.

There are numerous current events and potential events that can draw us into them, if we allow the drama to pull us in. When we find ourselves focusing on these distractions – by dwelling on them, worrying about what might happen, or discussing them in detail with others – we are giving energy to those situations.

When we do that, it is normally accompanied by an uncomfortable feeling, as if we are not quite centered.

If you wish to change your point of attention, change the direction of the conversation when it moves in a direction you would rather not take.  When you find yourself worrying about something, stop and focus on something that makes you feel good.

This is how I change my point of focus:

When I find myself thinking about a potential catastrophe, or something else of a lower vibration, I redirect my thoughts to the opposite, or something totally different that makes me feel good.  For example, let’s say I see something on the internet that talks about the possibility of a pole shift, resulting in a disaster. That is no problem as long as I do not dwell on the subject, giving energy to it. If I do find myself harboring that thought too long, I will think of, see, or sense the earth as a balanced, joyful place with people living in harmony, enjoying life. Or, I may shift my attention to someone or some place that I love. Or, I may say “Cancel, delete” and focus on something else.

When I’m in a conversation with someone who brings up something about some current or possible calamity, I may talk with them briefly about the subject, but will eventually direct the conversation to a different topic.  If they persist with the subject I may even tell them that I don’t wish to dwell on that topic, explaining that we give energy to that which we focus on, changing the direction of the conversation.

As stated above, if I find myself worrying about something, I might say “Cancel, delete” and change my focus.

This is another method I use that I have mentioned before in my blog:

Say “STOP,” then focus your attention on your breathing for a moment or two to center yourself and be present.

Determine what threw you off-center by asking what it was.  In many cases, you won’t have to ask because you’ll know right away what you were thinking.

After you determine what you were worrying about, acknowledge that you were worrying and move into the energy, into the feeling.  That alone will allow the energy and worry feeling to partially or completely dissipate.

The next step is to create a short affirmation of the opposite and then move into that feeling.  For example, if you found yourself worrying about finances, you could say something like, “I allow myself to enjoy financial abundance,” then move into that feeling.  Alternatively, you could ask yourself, “What would it feel like to be outrageously prosperous?” or something similar. Remember, it is important to move into the feeling each time, and to feel grateful for your prosperity.  I cannot over-emphasize the importance of getting into the feeling.

Feel gratitude for the subject of your affirmation as if you already have it, which is the opposite of what you were worrying about.

If you don’t have time for the full exercise when you find yourself worrying, you can move directly from worry to appreciation or gratitude.

STOP, breathe, question, embrace, state affirmation and appreciate

Stop – Say STOP and stop worrying.

Breathe – Conscious breathing.

Question – Determine what is bothering you.

Embrace – Embrace the energy and allow it to dissipate.

State – State opposite affirmation.

FeelFeel gratitude and/or appreciation for your creation (affirmation).


Be joyful, embrace life and thrive!

With love,


©2018 –  Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website. This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print with permission.  Randall T. Monk,

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Change Is Within – Melchizedek



Greetings beloveds.  We join you this day with great love and appreciation for your courageous appearance on planet Earth, in order to fulfill your part of the divine plan.  You chose to come forth into this life experience, dear ones.  For some of you that is hard to believe, for you do not feel comfortable on your planet of residence and would rather be somewhere else.  We assure you, dear ones, that you wanted to undertake your earthly adventure, and were enthusiastic about the opportunity to serve at this auspicious time of unprecedented transformation.

As you transform your earthly experience to a higher vibration, you transform much more, for all is connected.  You may not be able to change that which does not please you; however, you can change your attitude about it.  You cannot alter the attitudes or actions of other people; you can only make change within yourself. By adjusting your beliefs and attitudes, you change your world which, in turn, alters your interactions with others and how you perceive them.  The effective way to make change in your world is to transform yourself by modifying your attitude or belief about whatever it is you would like to change.

Is there something that you do not like about what is taking place on your planet or your relationships with others?  If so, look within and alter something about yourself.  You have no control over another person (or groups of people), no matter how hard you try, but you can change the dynamics of the situation by exerting control over your feelings, your emotions – how you react to people and events in your life.  If something does not please you and you focus your attention on the problem, you give energy to it.  By the same token, when you focus your attention on the solution, you energize the solution.

Beloveds, it is of paramount importance that you are conscious and in the moment, if you wish to manifest this transformation within yourself and your world, for that is where your power lies – within the moment.

For example: When/if someone (or a group of people) says or does something that brings forth the feeling of anger or fear, allow the emotion to dissipate as you embrace the feeling which is permeating your body.  Breathe deeply and center yourself in the present before you say or do anything else.  Notice and embrace the feeling of anger or fear as it dissipates.  It may not totally disperse, but it will dissipate enough for you to act in a conscious manner, bringing stability and a higher vibration to the situation.  You have the ability to increase your frequency even more by bringing forth the feeling of love as the anger dissipates.

As you change the energy of the encounter, you will affect your energy field and the energy of those involved, which will in turn radiate out into your world, for everything is connected and a part of the whole.  As this energy permeates the whole, your action on a personal level has affected the collective consciousness in a beneficial manner.

When you see something about yourself or the world that does not appeal to you, we encourage you to look within and make an adjustment there.  As you do so, your life, the world and mass consciousness can be transformed one thought and one feeling at a time.

Dear ones, you are loved beyond your knowing.  We embrace you with love, knowing of the power you have within.

I AM Melchizedek

Randall’s Comments:

From experience, I have found that the example above of moving into the energy and experiencing it works and is very effective, especially when followed with the feeling of love. The method outlined above is not easy at first; however, it gets easier with practice. My suggestion is to practice frequently on minor situations.

Relevant Quotes:

Things do not change; we change. ~ Henry David Thoreau

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. ~ Wayne Dyer

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.  ~ Alan Watts

You must be the change you wish to see in the world. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Be joyful, embrace life and thrive!

With love,


©2018 –  Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given. This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print with permission.  Randall Monk,    

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Opportunities Within Change – Melchizedek


Greetings beloveds. We come forth this day with a message regarding the changes and challenges you are experiencing in your world and your life.

Your planet, according to your television and radio news programs, appears as if it is falling apart. The truth is that, in a sense, it is. It is crumbling so that something better can be manifested by your group consciousness, which comes after you have altered your individual thought patterns. You will continue to see your human structures of finance, government and big business as well become ineffective within the higher frequency patterns coming forth at this time. This is necessary so that institutions of a higher vibratory rate can be erected, structures that will be in harmony with the higher frequency levels of the fifth dimension.

Most of your current creations are of a third-dimensional frequency pattern which, as you can see, will not withstand the higher vibrations of the fourth and fifth dimensions. These energies of duality are archaic and will not be supported by the higher frequencies within the dimensions you are moving into. As your individual vibrational patterns and the collective pattern expand into a more refined vibration, structures will come into place at a suitable time and in the appropriate manner. First, you as individuals change your frequency patterns; then as a result, the group consciousness will move to a higher vibratory rate.

Planet Earth is in the midst of a transformational process as well, which is necessary in order to move from the third dimension through the fourth and into the fifth.

Many of you have heard the phrase “Out of chaos comes order” and that is what is taking place upon and within Gaia at this time. It is also happening to many inhabitants of Gaia. Life is in chaos and is being reshaped by an increase in awareness and frequency. Those who cannot make the shift this round will do so at another time. As an inhabitant of fifth dimensional Earth, it is necessary that you have compatible frequencies. You are being given the opportunity to change your consciousness while in your body. However, some may decide to discard their bodily form as they move to another expression of awareness. The demise of your physical vessel is merely a change in consciousness, for the essence of your being will never die. Either way, it is a good thing, dear ones.

The changes we talk about and that you see before you are opportunities to move beyond your current level of awareness to a higher state of consciousness.  We encourage you to consider the challenges you face, and will face, as opportunities to move to the next level in your spiritual evolution, as you remember and embody who you truly are – a facet of God.

This is what you have been waiting for, dear ones; you are in the midst of an auspicious event. This is a lifetime of rare opportunity. You are here at a pivotal time, on a unique planet, experiencing a monumental transformation into a new level of existence. We encourage you to step into your divinity and strive to become all that you can be. You have within you all the necessary tools, wisdom and knowledge to move through this with ease and grace. You have the means, dear ones, for you were created in the image and likeness of the Creator.  Remember who you are and embrace your power.

Love is a powerful transformative energy that will help you on this journey, should you choose to use it. Love enables you to transmute lower frequencies, because it vibrates at an ultra-high frequency. Higher energy patterns always override lower energies. Therefore, as you embrace the frequency of love, you raise your vibration and draw higher vibrational events into your life.  And, as you do so, you affect the whole by raising the frequency of your group consciousness.

Appreciation creates a high vibration as well. You can shift your vibration from a low frequency to a high frequency by loving or appreciating the people in your life, nature or your day to day challenges, for example. That includes loving and/or appreciating yourself.

Another of your words that holds a high vibration is gratitude. As you feel gratitude, you increase your frequency as well.    

As you walk the path of expansion, which is eternal, we will forever be there to assist you, at your request.

You are loved beyond your knowing.

I AM Melchizedek

Randall’s Comments:

Every challenge provides an opportunity for growth, and in some cases, a quantum leap. Many of us have a habit of looking at obstacles in life as bad things, and they can be when we look at them that way; on the other hand, when we look at life’s complications as opportunities for personal growth, our energy shifts, and so do the dynamics of the situation: our vibration increases, our energy rises, people enjoy our company more, and problems are solved in an easier and timelier manner. This practice makes a vast difference in our life and the lives of people we interact with. Who would you rather spend time with, a person who has a positive outlook on life, or someone who is always complaining about something? Of course, when we complain we create more of that which we are complaining about… we keep digging the hole deeper.

Our outlook is the essential key. When we approach a problem with an open mind, focusing on the solution rather than the problem, the solution reveals itself. When we focus on the problem rather than the method to resolve the situation, it grows larger and becomes even more daunting. The whole energy around the obstacle changes when we look at a challenge as a gift rather than a bad thing and place our attention on the way out.

When we focus on the good in our world rather than the problems, we draw more beneficial karma our way. It is simply a matter of cause and effect. Focusing on the good in other people and our world brings more good people and pleasurable experiences into our environment, thus eliminating problems before they become an issue.

When we encounter difficult people, they are mirroring some aspect of ourselves back to us. When we have problem after problem, we are being shown something about our thoughts and beliefs that can be changed and must be changed if we want to make positive changes to our life. Many, and probably most, of our thoughts and beliefs are the result of our environment at an earlier age, coming from parents, teachers, relatives and friends. In The Spontaneous Healing of Belief, Gregg Braden tells us that we acquire most of our beliefs during our early childhood.

I know that this may just seem like a bunch of platitudes, but I assure you, if you put this practice to use, you will experience an amazing change in your life, for the better.

If you are not already doing this, give it a try, and let me know what happens. It will take some time and dedication, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

As Mahatma Gandhi said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Be joyful, embrace life and thrive!

With love,


©2018 –  Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given. This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print with permission.  Randall T. Monk,


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What Signal Are You Sending?


Everything vibrates – everything.  Our thoughts vibrate, sending signals that are matched and sent back to us in the form of experiences. These experiences indicate what kind of signals we are sending. Our present situation reveals the nature of our thoughts – our current frequency. Of course, as sovereign beings we are capable of consciously changing our thoughts at will, which in turn changes our vibration.

Along with our experiences, the people we encounter also indicate what energies we are broadcasting. Are they nice, pleasant people? The nature of your experiences provide further signs. Would the majority of the events in your life be considered mainly positive or mainly negative?

As we change our thoughts, we change our experiences.  Our conversations indicate the character of our thoughts.  What is the typical tone of a conversation with a friend, a family member, or a stranger? Are you more likely to talk about the benefits of the weather or the problems with it? Are you more likely to notice the good in someone or what you don’t like about them? Are you prone to harmful gossip about relatives, friends, and neighbors, or are you more likely to speak highly of them, or at least refrain from disparaging remarks about them?

We draw to us what we focus on. The more we place our attention on the good in others and the benefits within the events of our life, the more we draw pleasant experiences into our lives.  All events, whether we label them good or bad, positive or negative, have life-enhancing opportunities within them. How we react to what happens to us is far more important than what actually happens to us.

Our world becomes a better place as we focus on the good around us, within us and within others. Experiencing good fortune is a natural way of being; the more we notice our good fortune and give thanks for it the more it blossoms – like a flower in the sunshine.

The Universe always says “Yes” to what we are sending out in the form of energy, and we can easily see what we are sending out by the people and events in our life. What is your energy signature telling the Universe?

If you don’t like what you see around you, it can be changed one thought at a time. Thoughts that are combined with feelings are the most powerful and have the most effect. Positive thoughts with good feelings will have a positive effect on your life, and by the same token, negative thoughts with negative feelings (hate, envy, jealousy, and fear, for example) will have a negative effect on your life.

We are all creators creating our life experiences via our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

What is your energy signature telling the Universe to provide for you?

Be joyful, embrace life and thrive!

With love,


©2017 –  Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given. This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print with permission.  Randall T. Monk,

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Eye Of The Tornado – Melchizedek


Greetings, beloveds.  The energy you find yourselves in at this time is moving quickly.  This is dynamic energy, which can shift in an instant, as quickly as an in-breath or out-breath.

Your ability to adjust and adapt to these energy fluctuations is dependent upon your ability to remain present in the moment in a conscious manner, as an observer.  As a detached observer of the process, you will be more easily removed from the discordant interactions of others, as well as from a possible bias toward inappropriate actions by yourself.

It is important to remain centered and focused as these frequencies swirl around you as if you are in the eye of a tornado, where there is stillness within. 

You can accomplish this by remaining conscious and centered during energy disturbances in your life, such as a minor frustration with traffic, an irritating sales clerk, a pushy telemarketer, being late for an appointment and feeling rushed, or anything else that pushes your “buttons” throughout your daily activities.  The moment you feel anger, angst or frustration you are at a “fork in the road,” where you can choose to take a habitual course of action or venture down an alternate route.

As you become accustomed to being an observer rather than overreacting to minor situations in your life, you will develop the habit of being calm and centered in the midst of discordant energy.  Hence, when confronted with a major crisis, you will automatically adopt the same posture, one of an unruffled observer, remaining calm and detached from the situation, even as a participant.  As you practice on minor occurrences, pay attention to your breathing, your thoughts, and your body.  Remain conscious, continue breathing, rather than holding your breath, and allow your body to release tension created by the situation, by placing your attention on the location of the tension in your body and allowing it to dissipate.

At first, you may find that you have already reacted before you realized what happened.  When this happens, we suggest that you replay the scenario in your mind taking a different course of action, as a calm, centered observer.  As you practice on daily situations, you will become adept, responding as an observer when confronted by a challenging situation. With practice you will notice that you are responding to an event in a balanced manner: centered, maintaining a high vibration as it is taking place.

Dear ones, as you practice on minor occurrences in your life, you will become the proficient master you already are; it is a matter of remembering.

Ask for our assistance, and we will come forth to assist you as you take the appropriate action.

You are loved beyond your knowing.

I AM Melchizedek


Randall’s comments:

Archangel Michael tells us through Ronna*Sacred Scribe that we can tell how we are doing on our spiritual journey by the people in our life and our life experiences.

When we find ourselves continually dealing with challenging situations and hostile people, we are being presented with an opportunity to look within, because these occurrences are reflecting something back to us that lies within.  It may be a thought or feeling that we are not aware of, that the Universe is showing us.  When we don’t use these situations as learning experiences, these events tend to become more intense, until we utilize the opportunity to learn, grow and move on.

If you find yourself interacting with difficult people, my suggestion is to look at the situation from a higher perspective.  Find something about the person that you can appreciate, even if it is only the spark of the Creator that lies within.  Or do some soul-searching to discover what that person is mirroring back to you.  We have the ability to look at this as a positive event, using it to our advantage, initiating change for the better.

This technique can be used for many situations, which include dealing with difficult  people and frustrating circumstances:

Breathe, Center Yourself and Remain Calm.

  • Take at least one breath and center yourself before you respond. Many times we feel that we have to respond immediately when confronted by another person or frustrating situation.  Normally that is not the case; in fact, hesitation will help to defuse the situation.  Do not allow the other person to draw you into a downward spiral of negative energy; remain neutral – do not allow yourself to be drawn in.  Rather than allow the other person’s anger to draw me in, I prefer to allow my calm disposition to help defuse the discordant energy.  Please keep in mind that this works for a frustrating situation as well as a frustrating person.
  • This will give you time to gather your composure, thoughts, and center yourself. I like to smile (even when I’m alone dealing with a frustrating situation) and breathe.
  • Approach the situation as if you are a detached observer, rather than someone caught up in the drama of the moment. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that when another person pushes, do not push back.  Rather, allow the energy to move past you or around you as if you are encapsulated in a protective sphere – think of it like water flowing around a boulder in the river.

It helps to practice with things like minor frustrations so that when we are confronted with anger, we are able to disperse the energy rapidly.

Be joyful, embrace life and thrive!

With love,



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Tiwanaku, Bolivia – A Personal Experience with an Inner-Earth Being

Hand on the heart – love, hand on the abdominal area – with no fear.

In February of 2011, I embarked on a spiritual pilgrimage to Bolivia with a group of over 90 people.  We flew from Miami, Florida, arriving in La Paz, Bolivia on February 3, 2011. I stayed for a couple of extra days, with several others, to work with a shaman at Valley of Souls.

On occasion, this was a challenging trip, more for some than others. We endured many hours on buses through some muddy, sometimes pothole-ridden, and water-laden roads (I am still amazed that those buses made it). At times, as I looked out the window, the road was completely covered with water, as if we were driving through a pond. It was the rainy season; fortunately, we experienced mostly sunny days on this trip. We also spent hours in four-wheel drive vehicles, on even more rugged landscapes, sometimes where there were no roads. Our drivers were amazing, driving for many hours at a time, yet aptly adept at maneuvering unforgiving terrain. A four-wheel drive vehicle did get bogged down in mud once; the other drivers came to the rescue, as we looked on from the distance.

Some had problems with elevation sickness. The altitude in La Paz is 3,650 m (11,975 ft), and at times we were probably above 15,700 feet on this journey. I didn’t have a major problem with the elevation but did notice that it was difficult to breathe initially until my body adjusted. I did drink quite a bit of the ever-present coca tea when it was available. It helps to adjust to the elevation.

This adventure was a true test of our ability to adapt, move with the flow, and be an observer.

During our time in Bolivia, we visited numerous locations, namely, Valle de las Rocas (Valley of the Rocks), Laguna Turkuiri (Lake Turkuiri), Salar de Uyuni (Salt Flats of Uyuni), Isla del sol (Island of the Sun), Tiwanaku, and Valle de las Almas (Valley of Souls). I have posted some photos below.

Our shaman guide on this adventure was Jorge Luis Delgado, author of Andean Awakening, an Inca guide to Mystical Peru. We also worked with a shaman on Island of the Sun (I don’t recall his name) and a shaman, Don Miguel Kavlin, at his center located in Valley of Souls.

We arrived at the sacred site of Tiwanaku, Bolivia, near the south eastern shore of Lake Titicaca, on February 9, 2011. Tiwanaku is believed to be at the center of the world by some. The archaeological site of Tiwanaku (also spelled Tiahuanaco) is located approximately 71 km, about two and a half hours from La Paz.

I stepped off the bus, not feeling any significant connection with this site. That did not last long. After a brief period of time, we gathered and entered the archaeological area. As I entered, a familiar feeling began to come over me; I was sensing deep emotion, as I walked the sacred ground of Tiwanaku. This happens to me occasionally when I’m at a sacred site that bears some significance for me. I don’t always know what the significance is, but I can sure feel it. The sensation is undeniable. This place touched me in a very special way.

The sunken temple of Tiwanaku offered a unique experience for many of us on this journey. One story in particular, that I would like to share, comes from a dear friend Switzerland, who I met on this pilgrimage, Michele Guggisberg. Michele has graciously agreed to allow me to share her touching experience with an inner earth being.

Michele shared her story with us, in writing, after we all returned home. This is what she had to say:

Dear Family,

For the first time when we left for Tiwanaku (on 9.2) [February 9, 2011], I heard about beings living intra Earth. It was in the silence of our ceremony that I saw them… I would like to resume my encounter with these people and the message they transmitted to me for the ones that are interested.

Eyes closed, spirit in the void, I see beings coming out of a stairway made of soil just in front of the Obelisk of the site, and at the same time Nina is channeling in their language.

Here the most precise description possible:

Crystal SkullTiwanaku, Bolivia Skull

It is a mix of these two pictures. They are thin, approx. 1.6 m tall (approx. 5 feet), their body is like ice covered in frost; I can guess their blood stream is a darker color through their dense opaque white milky skin. They are very light and fluid in their movements as if they would be suspended just above the ground. They move in a light and fluid way. They have hollow eyes but when I look into them I see the fullness. They bring out such a happy and light impression, like curious, playful and very new children. At the same time I can feel such a wisdom and depth, as if they know everything. They seem to be so happy to see us; they smile from the bottom of their heart and dance around the Obelisk, in the center of our group.

This was my first unforgettable and unexpected encounter with the blue people. I felt so honored that I was crying…. Without knowing that one of them would come back to talk to me.

It happened on the boat on the way to the island of Sun. Sitting next to Nicole, I see a blue being sitting in front of us. He was laughing at us, imitating our gestures with his hands and fingers. He was laughing like a child. And then he wanted to talk to me, but how???? He wasn’t talking, so how to communicate? I was waiting and suddenly, I see a bright white ray coming out of his hollow and at the same time full eyes. This ray is directed to my 3rd eye and enters my head. In operating a zoom on this ray I can see that the ray is composed of signs, symbols, and drawings coming from him into my skull like these ones Ω ∞ π α ∏ ∑ ≈ and others more complicated.

He explains to me telepathically, without words, that everything we are looking at is transmitted in symbols in our brain and each sign, symbol has its space in a drawer of the brain library and I can see an immense library, very high, filled with thousands of drawers that open and close by themselves.

He explains to me that these pictures we look at are dissected in symbols which go into these drawers and this has served humanity consciousness since the beginning of times. It serves also our evolution as a soul and as a species in evolution.

Then suddenly another ray comes out of his eye sockets and goes directly to my heart. It is like a liquid fluid that I can feel penetrating my heart like a gentle and emotional sensation. He explains to me that this is the functioning of the world of the feelings and the emotions–that the feelings move through liquid fluids and flow through the water of the body and the air, like waves. This is the world of feeling, and unconditional love is the master of it. And then I see the teeth which are the pillars protecting and guarding the palate, the Sacred Vault, he tells me. The vibrating sounds emitted by the movement of the vocal cords have creative power. The more the vibration is high and fast, the more the creation is fine and detailed, like flowers and butterflies. The more the vibration is low and slow, the more heavy and big things are created like mountains and elephants. So it is that these beings communicate by telepathy, they create with their voice into the manifestation and keep their knowledge in their mental library. They exchange their feelings by the world of fluids. What privilege…. What gratitude….. As one goes along I explained to Nicole what I received, she could follow my words in also seeing the pictures or in sensing the sensations. It was magical and still today I can hardly believe it!

“The Return of the blue blooded people” could be the title of a book which may be written through me. To be continued!

From the bottom of my heart thank you to all of you for your presence, your love and your courage throughout all the challenges of this trip! See you soon! I love you! Michèle

Sunken temple of Tiwanaku
Sunken temple of Tiwanaku


Our group in the sunken temple of Tiwanaku
Our group in the sunken temple of Tiwanaku


Hand on the heart – love, hand on the abdominal area – with no fear.
Obelisk Michele refers to… Per our shaman guide, Jorge Luis Delgado: hand on the heart – love, hand on the abdominal area – with no fear.


Our shaman guide on this adventure, Jorge Luis Delgado
Our shaman guide on this adventure, Jorge Luis Delgado


One of our Peruvian shamans and his family
One of our Peruvian shamans and his family


Yep, it’s a road under that water


4x4 stuck in the mud
4×4 stuck in the mud


Lake Titicaca
Leaving for Island of the Sun on Lake Titicaca


Island of the Sun, Lake Titicaca


Island of the Sun
Taken on Island of the Sun


Valley of Souls
Valley of Souls


Center where we stayed at Valley of Souls and worked with shaman Don Miguel Kavlin and his wife, Carmen (yes, they were like hobbit dwellings).


Valley of Souls shaman Don Miguel Kavlin & yours truly.

Be joyful, embrace life and thrive!

With love,


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Tiwanaku Videos:


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My Mount Shasta Experience – 2012



Mount Shasta is situated in the Cascade mountain range of Northern California. With an elevation of more than 14,000 feet, it is the 2nd highest volcano in the High Cascades family of volcanoes (bested only by Mount Rainier) and the 4th highest volcano in the continental United States. This lone, snow-topped beauty is actually what is called a compound stratovolcano: a tight family of overlapping volcanic cones. Shastina is another cone that sits right alongside Shasta. President Theodore Roosevelt said it was “one of the grandest sights” he’d ever witnessed.

I first went to Mount Shasta in 1997… and this sacred mountain has been one of my favorite places on the planet ever since that visit. I have spent time on sacred Mount Shasta many times since then.

Since my last visit to Mount Shasta have been reminded of the 2012 seminar I co-facilitated with a friend. There were twenty-one of us in attendance. It was too beautiful and serene a setting not to be celebrated in some small, special way, so on the morning of September 23, 2012, fourteen of us held a sunrise ceremony in Mount Shasta’s postcard-like tranquility.  We completed our ceremony, satisfied, and proceeded in three cars to yet another location on the beautiful mountain.

We decided to drive a little way back down the mountain to another site that two people in our group were familiar with.  Driving down the main mountain road, we took a left turn, on a stretch of dirt road that led right into the forest. The splendor outside and the anticipation of approaching this sacred place was spellbinding.  After a short drive, we were more than ready to park our cars and step outside once again. We had just approached the edge of the road when Betty, a member of our intuitive group, sensed an unseen barrier and informed us we needed to have permission to enter.  She asked me to make the request… so I did.  We were granted permission, and we proceeded into the wooded area.  We found ourselves in a forest of mostly pine – and possibly cedar – trees, with huge boulders as well.

As I walked deeper into the forest – a little farther from the road now – I began to feel a connection which resulted in some deep-rooted feelings and swelling emotions that I find quite hard to articulate.  It almost felt like I was longing for something I’d lost long ago, or remembering something that had once been intimately familiar to me, but I couldn’t quite figure it out. I did not know what it was, but I know that it concerned the underground city of Telos and its inhabitants.  I looked over as Betty walked onto a huge boulder; she stood there, looking outward: facing the forest like a familiar sentinel.  I took a seat on a smaller rock about five to eight feet behind and to her right.  We all stood or sat there in complete silence.  You could have heard a leaf hit the ground. It felt as if time had stopped.

I began to get very emotional, and I suddenly started to sob.  I was experiencing a wonderful feeling of loving energy and knew deep within that it was Adama, the high priest of the Lemurian city of Telos, located beneath Mount Shasta.  He was connecting with me.  He knew me.  It was a recognition – his? mine? – that wasn’t meant to be organized with words and linear thought. I remember saying something like “Adama is here, but I can’t talk.”  I was sobbing so much, and so overcome with emotion, that I simply could not speak.  And yet, after a short period of time, my emotions did settle down enough for me to find the clarity in the feeling… to deliver Master Adama’s warmth-filled message.  I do not remember the entire message, but do remember that the first words were something like “You are home.”

I was home… we were home. And as if on cue, after delivering the message, I was once again overcome with emotion – which happens to me sometimes after channeling a message to a group of people.  This time, however, was different. This time, the emotion and the connecting force and incredible love that I felt was much stronger than I ever remember feeling in the past.

It was within a matter of minutes that I somehow regained my composure. And when I did, I could hear someone else saying something behind me.  As it turned out, my friend, Julie, was guided to sit several feet behind our group, facing the opposite direction.  Unbeknownst to me, Julie was channeling a message the same time I was, and the people who could hear both messages said that it was the same information from both of us!  My sense is that was “their” way of providing confirmation that the message was valid, rather than something that one of us had made up. They wanted everyone to know that the essence of that message was profound and real: “You are home.”

This was a unique experience for me, as normally I have a procedure for channeling; this time it was spontaneous. It was spontaneous… but not totally unexpected, because I had been feeling Adama’s presence from time to time leading up to my trip to Mt Shasta. Leading me – leading all of us – home.

My first visit to Mount Shasta in 1997 was special to me. One of the reasons it was so special was because was it was the first time I saw Ronna Herman Vezane (who was to become my dear friend and mentor) deliver a message from Archangel Michael during the Wesak Celebration which I had gone there to attend. As you can see, Mount Shasta already had its place in my heart; that blessed trip had just made it all the more special.

Be joyful, embrace life and thrive!

With love,



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5 Benefits Of Thumping Your Thymus


The thymus gland is behind the top of your breastbone (sternum) and is responsible for producing mature white blood cells which fight the common cold as well as infections and serious diseases; it has a major impact on your immune system.

Performing the thymus thump helps to stimulate the thymus gland and keep this critical gland at peak performance.

It is said the thymus thump helps to release fear as well. Perhaps that’s why gorillas pound their chest, to show that they’re not afraid.


  1. Release fear.
  2. Increase your life force energy.
  3. Increase strength.
  4. Increase vitality.
  5. Strengthen your immune system.

It’s recommended that we perform the thymus thump 1-3 times daily.

This is how I do it:

  • I normally start with one deep breath.
  • Make a fist with your thumb against the outside of your index finger.
  • Gently strike your sternum with the inside of your closed fist.
  • This creates a vibration which will stimulate your thymus gland.
  • Rapidly but gently thump your sternum from 60 – 100 times in about 30 seconds or so.
  • Then I say “I am thankful (or grateful) for my healthy, stimulated and active thymus gland and all of its benefits” as I place my open hand on my chest over my thymus gland, palm down.

To your health,

Randall Monk