Be an observer and reserve judgment; seek and live your own truth as it has been revealed to you. As the higher frequency life begins to hit the dark, everything is being exposed. Nothing can stay hidden anymore. It’s not that people are worse or situations are worse, or our world is in a worse condition. It’s just that it was hidden and we weren’t as aware. Not only are we coming into self-awareness, but with the technology that we have today, we have worldwide self-awareness of what’s going on all over the world. Way back when I was born was all we had was the radio, and it was very limited. – Ronna Vezane

This is about detachment, being an observer. One of the most important things about being an observer is not getting caught up in the drama. Being an observer is being present in the moment, being mindful. When we are present in the moment, we are aware of our thoughts. Don’t judge the thought. Don’t judge the circumstances around your environment. Just observe the environment, observe what’s going on. Otherwise, our thoughts go wild, and our emotions go wild right along with them. When we are observing, when we’re present in the moment, we can be aware of those emotions before they lower our vibration. Then we are controlling our emotions rather than our emotions, controlling us. I’m not saying to stop emotions. I’m saying don’t judge them, observe them. When we observe them, they tend to fade away.  – Randall Monk

Be joyful, embrace life, and thrive!

With love, Randall