David R. Hawkins set up a system of calibrating levels of human consciousness. arbitrarily assigning the numbers 1 to 1,000 as the possible range of consciousness.

…he found that the consciousness level of 200 was critical to the human race.

  • One individual at a higher level counterbalances many, many individuals who are below the critical level of 200.
  • In the global mind belt, below the 200 level are the attractor fields of shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger and pride.
  • Right at the critical 200 level comes courage and its ability to empower the self out of the victim-orientation of the lower frequencies.
  • At 300 (310… hopeful – optimistic), one person counterbalances an incredible total of 90,000 people below the 200 level.
  • At 400, the individual achieves a harmonious attitude which brings acceptance and forgiveness and counterbalances 400,000 people below the 200 level.
  • To reach 500, you need to be spiritually conscious, as is the typical lightworker.
  • At this level, unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness become alive and well in your reality.
  • You also counterbalance 750,000 people below the 200 level.
  • When you develop further and practice meditation diligently enough to attain bliss consciousness, you touch the 600 level. At that moment, you are counterbalancing 10 million people below the 200 level!

Source: The Lightworker Mission: Reconnect with your primary purpose, by Owen Waters

A detailed Map Of Consciousness is available at https://veritaspub.com/product/map-of-consciousness-dr-david-hawkins/