As you begin your day, envision SPIRIT PERCHED ON YOUR SHOULDER AS A SACRED WITNESS. You may make it personal and see a beautiful angel perched there, or a guide or ascended master of your choice. Make it real, for it will be. Again, intent is the key. It will become more real to you as time passes, and you will begin to feel the bliss of Spirit and the company of angels around you as your constant companions. As situations arise or you interact with people (especially in stressful situations or situations that really get your attention), become an observer of the process: What is the lesson behind the situation? Or what is this person mirroring to you for your learning? How would your Sacred Witness act or react in this situation or to this person?  After a while, this becomes the normal way you will function throughout the day. You experience, observe, analyze, act and integrate the wisdom of the occurrence. By operating in this manner, you move out of the realm of cause and effect, and into a state of grace.

Throughout the day make it a habit to notice the world around you. What can you be joyful about? Practice being thankful for the beauty and bounty in your life by maintaining an attitude of gratitude. This helps condition the subconscious mind and also helps to remove fear and negative vibrations. If you are joyful, loving and grateful there is no room for doubt, fear or negativity. Notice what is “right” about the people in your world, thereby reinforcing their positive traits. And when appropriate, tell them how you feel. Small, sincere compliments or words of praise are gifts of love vibrations to those around you.

If you work in a closed environment or spend a lot of time at a desk, take a few minutes, several times a day (even if you have to go to the rest room for privacy), and take a breath or toning break. A few minutes of deep breathing is better than a cup of coffee or a caffeinated drink. Stretch and honor your beautiful physical vessel and be sure to get some type of exercise every day.