When our heart is open, we have access to the beauty around us; the radiance of every soul we encounter, and the splendor of nature.

Some of us feel the need to protect our heart because of one or more hurtful experiences.  It may be challenging to maintain an open heart without feeling vulnerable for those of us who have done so, resulting in a painful experience.  For that reason, many have, consciously or unconsciously, placed a protective shield over their heart.  Placing a barrier around our heart works for protection, but it also restricts our heartfelt interactions with others. 

A more efficient form of protection comes from maintaining a high vibration, enabling our heart to be wide open, yet safe.  When we sustain a high frequency, it overrides lower frequency thought forms and energies; they cannot penetrate our energy field.  Therefore, energies of a lower frequency are not drawn to us because our vibration is of a higher order, bringing forth higher frequency experiences into our life. 

Learn how to maintain a high vibration here: https://www.timelyguidance.com/maintaining-a-high-vibration

Be joyful, embrace life, and thrive!

With love,