My Mount Shasta Experience – 2012


Mount Shasta is situated in the Cascade mountain range of Northern California. With an elevation of more than 14,000 feet, it is the 2nd highest volcano in the High Cascades family of volcanoes (bested only by Mount Rainier) and the 4th highest volcano in the continental United States. This lone, snow-topped beauty is actually what is called a compound stratovolcano: a tight family of overlapping volcanic cones. Shastina is another cone that sits right alongside Shasta. President Theodore Roosevelt said it was “one of the grandest sights” he’d ever witnessed.

I first went to Mount Shasta in 1997… and this sacred mountain has been one of my favorite places on the planet ever since that visit. I have spent time on sacred Mount Shasta many times since then.

Since my last visit to Mount Shasta have been reminded of the 2012 seminar I co-facilitated with a friend. There were twenty-one of us in attendance. It was too beautiful and serene a setting not to be celebrated in some small, special way, so on the morning of September 23, 2012, fourteen of us held a sunrise ceremony in Mount Shasta’s postcard-like tranquility.  We completed our ceremony, satisfied, and proceeded in three cars to yet another location on the beautiful mountain.

We decided to drive a little way back down the mountain to another site that two people in our group were familiar with.  Driving down the main mountain road, we took a left turn, on a stretch of dirt road that led right into the forest. The splendor outside and the anticipation of approaching this sacred place was spellbinding.  After a short drive, we were more than ready to park our cars and step outside once again. We had just approached the edge of the road when Betty, a member of our intuitive group, sensed an unseen barrier and informed us we needed to have permission to enter.  She asked me to make the request… so I did.  We were granted permission, and we proceeded into the wooded area.  We found ourselves in a forest of mostly pine – and possibly cedar – trees, with huge boulders as well.

As I walked deeper into the forest – a little farther from the road now – I began to feel a connection which resulted in some deep-rooted feelings and swelling emotions that I find quite hard to articulate.  It almost felt like I was longing for something I’d lost long ago, or remembering something that had once been intimately familiar to me, but I couldn’t quite figure it out. I did not know what it was, but I know that it concerned the underground city of Telos and its inhabitants.  I looked over as Betty walked onto a huge boulder; she stood there, looking outward: facing the forest like a familiar sentinel.  I took a seat on a smaller rock about five to eight feet behind and to her right.  We all stood or sat there in complete silence.  You could have heard a leaf hit the ground. It felt as if time had stopped.

I began to get very emotional, and I suddenly started to sob.  I was experiencing a wonderful feeling of loving energy and knew deep within that it was Adama, the high priest of the Lemurian city of Telos, located beneath Mount Shasta.  He was connecting with me.  He knew me.  It was a recognition – his? mine? – that wasn’t meant to be organized with words and linear thought. I remember saying something like “Adama is here, but I can’t talk.”  I was sobbing so much, and so overcome with emotion, that I simply could not speak.  And yet, after a short period of time, my emotions did settle down enough for me to find the clarity in the feeling… to deliver Master Adama’s warmth-filled message.  I do not remember the entire message, but do remember that the first words were something like “You are home.”

I was home… we were home. And as if on cue, after delivering the message, I was once again overcome with emotion – which happens to me sometimes after channeling a message to a group of people.  This time, however, was different. This time, the emotion and the connecting force and incredible love that I felt was much stronger than I ever remember feeling in the past.

It was within a matter of minutes that I somehow regained my composure. And when I did, I could hear someone else saying something behind me.  As it turned out, my friend, Julie, was guided to sit several feet behind our group, facing the opposite direction.  Unbeknownst to me, Julie was channeling a message the same time I was, and the people who could hear both messages said that it was the same information from both of us!  My sense is that was “their” way of providing confirmation that the message was valid, rather than something that one of us had made up. They wanted everyone to know that the essence of that message was profound and real: “You are home.”

This was a unique experience for me, as normally I have a procedure for channeling; this time it was spontaneous. It was spontaneous… but not totally unexpected, because I had been feeling Adama’s presence from time to time leading up to my trip to Mt Shasta. Leading me – leading all of us – home.

My first visit to Mount Shasta in 1997 was special to me. One of the reasons it was so special was because was it was the first time I saw Ronna Herman Vezane (who was to become my dear friend and mentor) deliver a message from Archangel Michael during the Wesak Celebration which I had gone there to attend. As you can see, Mount Shasta already had its place in my heart; that blessed trip had just made it all the more special.

Be joyful, embrace life and thrive!

With love,



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  1. Nan Olson

    Hello Randall
    My name is Nan O I believe you are a friend of Kata’s and Tina and Paola ?
    Kata stays at our Cottage when Here in Mt Shasta. I do not believe we have met? But I have heard of you thru my Dear Friends. Am I correct ?
    Also familiar w Julie Ryder where I have not been.I have included my email address so the next time you are in Shasta Please Get in Touch.xo and Blessings , Nan

    1. Randall Monk

      Hello Nan,

      Kata, Tina and Paola don’t sound familiar but that doesn’t mean I don’t know them. I have a friend by the name of Paolo but Paola is most likely a woman. I’d love to connect with you when I’m in the Mt. Shasta area! I’m taking a group from Japan up there in August. I’ll send you and email. Love and blessings, Randall

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