During January 2014, I traveled to Japan to teach the Quest For Mastery Level III material.  Quest For Mastery is a school with a primary focus on Archangel Michael’s Wisdom Teachings, as given through Ronna Vezane.

While I was in Japan, my gracious hosts took me on a tour of Nikko. One of the places we visited was the beautiful, magnificent, and quite impressive Nikko Toshogu Shrine.

Toshogu is a large, spectacular shrine complex built in the early 1600s. I did not realize how old the wise monkey philosophy was. I was surprised to see the speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil monkeys carved on the wall of a stable within the shrine complex.

As a teenager, I had a small knickknack of the three monkeys in my bedroom. Here is my interpretation of the three wise monkeys.

See No Evil

As we look at our world, if we choose to, we will see “negative events.” When we consciously (or unconsciously) focus on those unfortunate incidents, we add our energy to them.

Focusing on these events energizes them further, as well as opening the door to negative experiences in our own lives. What we focus on is magnified. We bring the object of our attention into our energy field, creating a similar vibration.

The Lesson:

The message is for us is to focus our attention on what we want to experience and enhance in our lives. Rather than spending our energies on adverse events, it is more beneficial to focus on the positive and take note of the good all around us.

Speak No Evil

This concept is quite simple; to speak positively about other people and of one’s self, which includes our thoughts and feelings.

The Lesson:

Once again, what we focus on, we magnify. What we focus on, we create in our life. When we speak or think poorly about ourselves (or another), we bring the frequency of that energy into our life experience.

As I see it, the lesson is to speak and think positively about ourselves and others – to focus on the good in other people and place our attention on what’s right in our lives and within ourselves.

Hear No Evil

If we choose to, we can subject ourselves to an enormous amount of negative thought forms from other people, as well as the plethora of media including television and radio news, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet.

People love to gossip about others. When we participate in gossip, we are producing negative energies for the person (or persons) we’re talking about, and for ourselves.

The Lesson:

Hear no evil advises us to listen to and discuss the good in others and our world. If someone chooses to engage in gossip, I prefer to steer the conversation in another direction or excuse myself.

As tempting as it can be to gossip, I know that it serves no good for the object of the negative talk or me.


Everything is energy – we are energy, and our thoughts are energy.

Where we focus our speech, hearing, and sight, enhances that energy, positive or negative.  Therefore, we must monitor what we expose ourselves to if we want to lead a life filled with good fortune, with rich and fulfilling experiences.

We can endeavor to place our attention on beneficial thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions. We have a choice.  

Be joyful, embrace life, and thrive!

With love,


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