Practical Applications

What Is Ascension?

Let’s start with this question: What is ascension? Ascension is simply the process of increasing one’s vibration; in other words moving to a higher frequency. Ascended beings are vibrating at a much higher rate than those who have not ascended yet.

I’m going to mention a few ways to increase your frequency. There are several ways to increase your vibration; however, from personal experience I have found that the most effective one is employing the frequency of love in one’s life.

There are several ways to employ love in your life and that is what I’ll be sharing today: practical uses for the energy of love.

Ascending With Love

As I previously stated, ascension is a matter of increasing one’s vibration thereby moving up to a higher dimensional level. Actually we move in increments, so we are moving up to the next sublevel within the dimension we are in until we reach the top sublevel and move to the lowest sublevel level of the next dimension.

Because love carries a very high frequency it can be very effective in raising our vibration, and there are numerous ways to employ the wonderful energy of love.

I’m going to share several practices I use to employ love in my life. Hopefully you’ll find one or more of them useful and put them to use in your own life.  

Transforming Judgement With Love

Many of us wonder why we keep judging people. Well, the answer is simple: we are human beings and as human beings we are subject to human foibles. There is a benefit to judging others, as it provides a wonderful opportunity.

When I find myself judging another person I realize what is happening immediately and use it as a trigger to do something positive for that person. I instantly draw in energy through the back portal of my heart and crown chakra and send out love through the front portal of my heart to that person. I may also find something to appreciate about them, like the color of their eyes, their hair or the spark of the Creator within them.

Healing With Love

There are many individuals who are less fortunate than we are. No matter where I am if I see a person limping or having a difficult time I do as mentioned above. . I draw in energy through the back portal of my heart and crown chakra and bring forth the feeling of love as I send healing energy through the front portal of my heart to them.

Blessing Your Food With Love

I bless and energize this food and bring it to my vibration or higher (seeing the Violet Flame blazing up around the food and feeling gratitude). I then bring in Light through my crown and back portal of my heart and send love to the food via the front portal of my heart.

Sleeping With Love

As I’m lying in bed, before going to sleep, I bring forth the feeling of love, raising my vibration. If I get up to go to the bathroom during the night I normally do the same thing before I go back to sleep.

Transforming Fear With Love

Managing fear so that it does not seize our life is of paramount importance because if we don’t, it takes over and we are no longer able to move smoothly along the river of life.  Fear will incapacitate us if we allow it to.

With all of the negative information in the news, many are feeling especially fearful. I suggest not watching negative news or reading negative news stories. Fear is a very low frequency – a low vibration – that I recommend avoiding. You may be asking, “How do I do that?” Well, I’m going to answer that question very soon.

We are all creators, and when we focus on something with emotion, we initiate the creative process. This will draw the energy of like vibration into our life. Therefore, the more we focus on fearful situations with emotion, the more likely we are to draw low-frequency energy and experiences into our lives.

Our creative powers – and we all have them – can be used to create good fortune or misfortune. We create beneficial experiences with good thoughts and feelings. By the same token, we create unhealthy situations with negative thoughts and feelings. It’s like two sides of the same coin. The universe is always delivering the sum total of our thoughts and feelings. That is how our world is created. We master our self and our world by monitoring and mastering our thoughts.

As human beings, we are going to find ourselves having negative thoughts from time to time.  The important thing is not to dwell in that energy, but to move out of it quickly to a higher vibration.  The process below is a technique I have used successfully for years to maintain a high vibration/frequency:

Transforming Fear

First, I acknowledge the fear. Then I experience/ embrace the fear, allowing it to dissipate. In many cases, it dissipates completely in a moment or two just by acknowledging and experiencing the feeling. This can take a moment or two, or several minutes, depending on the level of fear. If it is a deep-seated feeling, it may not totally dissipate at first, and that is okay; in this case, just move on to the next step. 

The next step in the process is to embrace love – embrace the feeling of love. Allow the feeling of love to permeate your entire being. If you find it difficult to bring forth the feeling of love, I suggest that you think of a person, animal, or place in nature you love.

After you are comfortable with this method, you will be able to move directly from fear to love – as soon as you notice that you are fearful, bring forth the feeling of love. 

Transforming Fear

  • Acknowledge/Embrace the Fear
  • Embrace the feeling of Love – Replace Fear with Love

Another thing to consider is how we react to challenging situations we are confronted with. What happens to us is not as important as how we respond to what happens to us. When something unfortunate happens we have a choice: we can react with negative emotions, or we can act with calm, peaceful, positive emotions – It’s always our choice. The more peaceful and loving we are the more we will experience peaceful and loving people and events in our life. Mastering our emotions, being in control of them, rather than allowing them to control us, is an essential skill to have on our earthly sojourn.

It is helpful to practice on small issues that arise so that our response will be second nature when confronted with something major. The more you practice, the easier it gets. Ideally, we would all be continually embracing the energy of love as we go about our day.

For example, if you’re driving and another driver cuts in front of you, you have a choice: you can allow the situation to throw you off center and get angry, or you can smile feeling good about being in control of your emotions rather than allowing others to influence how you feel.

Healing Mother Earth With Love


Archangel Michael tells us that the way we have prayed in the past is like begging. All the beauty and riches of the universe are our divine birthright and all we have to do is claim them. 

Now, we are going to visit the World Pyramid of Power/Light where you will go to pray without words.

  • Envision, however you perceive yourself traveling up the Dimensions to a Pyramid of Light.
  • There is a capstone on this Pyramid and it contains a spiraling Rainbow Ray of Light which contains all the colors, virtues, and attributes of our Father/Mother God.
  • As you move into the interior of the World Pyramid, look around: the walls and floor radiate an inner Light, and there is a holographic image of Earth in the center.
  • There is a magnificent clear quartz crystal hanging over Mother Earth.
  • The crystal is faceted at both ends and the upper portion penetrates the capstone of the Pyramid.
  • This Pyramid of Light contains many levels of crystal chairs.
  • You have a seat in one of the crystal chairs.
  • Breathe in Light through your crown chakra and breathe out love through your heart area to Mother Earth.
  • Your breath and thoughts/intentions control this process.
  • You are bringing in Light and sending out love.
  • Your love activates the particles of Light to be gathered and used by angelic Beings for the highest good for all.


When we pray the way AA Michael has taught us, we are aligning with our Divine Mission and the Creator Will. In doing so, it gives our guides, teachers and angelic helpers permission to assist us to move forward on the ascension path with ease and grace. We have free will and the Beings of Light will not infringe unless we give them permission to do so.

Love And Your Energy Signature

Our energy signature is determined by our vibration and our vibration determines our quality of life.

I suppose you have heard about the law of attraction; however, most of us probably think of the law of attraction as it relates to prosperity. All of our circumstances are the result of the law of attraction.

Consider the quality of your relationships for a moment.

Consider the quality of the people in your life, even people you don’t know who’s path you cross.

Consider you’re your health. Are you relatively health, unhealthy or experiencing vibrant health?

What level of prosperity are you experiencing in your life?

These are all an indication of what kind of energy your are sending out to the world because what you send out comes back to you.

You can call it cause and effect. You can call it like attracts like or you can call it karma. It all comes down to energy – the energy you are transmitting.

If you want to know how you are doing and what kind of thoughts and feelings you entertain on a regular basis take a look at your life, as it is mirroring your thoughts.

What kind of people do you encounter?

How is your health?

If you want to be prosperous, are you?

The good thing is that if you don’t like what you see you can change it by changing your thoughts. This is nothing new. Philosophers and others have been talking about this for centuries and probably longer than that.

When we entertain positive life-affirming thoughts we experience positive events in general. And when we are confronted with something challenging we look for the good in it; if it a problem we focus on the solution rather than the problem because what we focus on is amplified and drawn to us.

Love, compassion, appreciation and gratitude

I want to spend a few minutes talking about things that can raise your vibration and thereby enhance your quality of life.

  • Love/Appreciation/Gratitude/Compassion
  • Smiling and Laughter
  • Meditation
  • Change of environment
  • Humming/Whistling/Singing/Toning
  • Playing a Musical Instrument
  • Music
  • Defuse Essential Oils
  • Burn Incense/Sage
  • Exercise
  • Being in Nature
  • Himalayan Salt Lamp/Negative Ion Generator

Love And An Open Heart

Some people have been hurt by others and have closed their heart believing that it will protect them. While closing down one’s heart may provide a limited form of protection it is a doubled edged sword because it prevents the individual from fully embracing and enjoying life as well.

The Ultimate Sanctuary

Your energy field is your protection or lack of protection because your vibrations is subject to the Law of Attraction. In other words you are attracting what you are sending out; the energy you send out comes back to you in the form of people and circumstances.

The Supreme Creator is pure love therefore love is the highest vibration we can have. Holding the frequency of love is the best form of protection you could have – it is your ultimate sanctuary.

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