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UNIVERSAL LAWS – The Law Of Inspired Action


This law tells us that we need to take action when we want to accomplish something while on the earth plane.  We are physical beings on a physical planet and action is required on our part in order to manifest Thoughts and visualization are actions, but in most cases physical action is required too. When we feel inspired to do something it’s imperative that we take physical action while the inspiration is still within us!

There are times when we want or need something. For example, if we want to eat, normally we need to go shopping and prepare the food, then eat the food or we go to a restaurant to eat. In either case, we need to take action. That isn’t really inspired action though. Inspired action comes with energy and enthusiasm.

Practical Practices to Align with The Law of Inspired Action

When we desire something or set a goal to accomplish, we will receive guidance, and many times that guidance requires us to take some sort of action – inspired action – which is typically physical action. This can be a big step or a small step. Each step whether large or small takes us closer to our desired outcome.

I know, for me personally, when I’m inspired to write an article, a talk, a book, produce a webinar, or workshop I’m filled with enthusiasm and the energy to complete the project. I need to act while the energy is there because eventually, my enthusiasm and energy for the project will wane – maybe not totally, but it won’t be as strong as it was initially. And as I take action I receive more inspiration and more enthusiasm.

The word enthusiasm as provided by The word enthusiasm indicates intense excitement. The noun enthusiasm comes from the Greek word enthousiasmos, from enthous, meaning “possessed by a god, inspired.”

Guidance indicating the need for inspired action can come from many sources. We may have a sense of something we should do. We may receive guidance during a conversation, and we may even receive guidance while overhearing a conversation.

Bottom line: follow inspiration with action.

Be joyful, embrace life and thrive!

With love,


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