The law of perpetual energy transmutation tells us that everything, and I mean everything, is always changing; nothing is constant. Everything is in continual flux. Many of these changes are beyond our level of perception.

What’s nice about being aware of this law is that it makes us more mindful that we can make positive changes in our life because everything is always changing, and that includes us. We can direct that change in our favor by employing our mind, feelings, and free will. 

Practical Practices to Align with the The Law OF Perpetual Energy Transmutation

What are some practical practices to align with the The law of perpetual energy transmutation?

I mentioned in a previous blog post how all these laws are intertwined, and this is a prime example because we can change our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and emotions in order to change our mindset, and thereby change our quality of life. When we raise our vibration by embracing high-vibrational thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and emotions, like love, appreciation, gratitude, and forgiveness, different people will enter our life. We will experience different circumstances and we will feel a positive difference.

If we truly want to change the quality of our life, whether it relates to our health, our wealth, or our relationships, we can do so because we are the creators of our circumstances. Most of us create by default based on the programming we received up to about the age of seven from our family and other people around us. It has been determined that our subconscious mind is pretty much fully programmed by that age, and the good news is, we can change that programming! As I said before, it takes some work on our part; however, the benefit far outweighs the effort.  

Since everything is constantly changing anyway, why not employ creative thinking, feelings, and free will to influence that change to our benefit?

Be joyful, embrace life, and thrive!

With love,


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