Everything has an opposite. We have day and night, hot and cold, light and dark, good and bad, white and black. These are all different degrees (extremes) of the same thing. Hot and cold may appear to be opposite; however, they are just different degrees of the same thing – temperature.

Practical Practices to Align with the Law of Polarity

Since everything has an opposite consider this: every misfortune has a silver lining!

Reminding yourself of this will help you get through challenging times by focusing on the silver lining.

We can transform our thoughts, feelings, and emotions by placing our attention on the opposite end of the spectrum.

For example, if we are feeling hateful, we can focus on love.

If we are feeling fearful, we can focus on courage.

By focusing on the opposite end of the spectrum when something takes us to a low vibration, we consciously raise our frequency.

We can use the law of polarity to our advantage by always focusing on the good in the people and the events in our life, and we raise our vibration when we do this.

David R. Hawkins set up a calibration system for levels of human consciousness, known as “The Hawkins Scale,” which arbitrarily assigns the numbers 1 to 1,000 as the possible range of consciousness, as seen in the image below.

In Lightworker Mission, by Owen Waters, he states that one individual at only 200 on the scale counterbalances many, many individuals who are below the critical level of 200. Furthermore, an individual who is at 300 counterbalances an incredible total of 90,000 people below the 200 level and it gets even better as we rise above 300!

You can purchase an illustration Of the Map of Consciousness here on Dr. Hawkins’ website

Many have said, “What can I do, I’m only one person?” Well, now you know what you can do as one person just by raising your frequency.

Be joyful, embrace life, and thrive!

With love,


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