You can consider the universal laws your user manual for living on planet earth. Most people who want to improve their quality of life do so by trial and error until they find the right formula while the majority of people on the planet are not even aware that they have a choice; they don’t know that they can take control of their life and make constructive changes simply by consciously aligning with the Universal Laws.

This article will focus on The Universal Law Of Oneness. Future posts will focus on other laws of the universe.


The main precept of this law is that everything is connected and everything is affected by everything else in existence and that includes you. You are affected by the energy of the universe and as an individual who is part of the universe – your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions have an effect on everything else to some degree.

Everything is connected – everything. You are connected with other people, with the earth, with the solar system and with All That Is. Everything you think, say, do, and believe affects the whole – it affects everyone and everything because everything in this universe shares a connection with everything else.  


I’m including The Law of Mentalism with The Law of Divine Oneness because the precept of this law is that all is one Mind.

This law which is from Hermetic teachings is known as an immutable law. In other words, it cannot be influenced; however, knowing how it works we can use it to our advantage. Source is Mind, the universe is mental and everything we see and experience in our world originates in the mental world. It’s similar to The Divine Law of Oneness in that there is only one Universal Consciousness – One Mind, and your mind is part of that mind. You create your reality via your mind (just like the Creator creates with the greater Mind that you are a part of. Your thoughts, feelings and beliefs affect the collective consciousness as well. 

Practical Practices to Align with The Law of Divine Oneness

Since everything is interconnected and we are one, our rate of vibration affects everyone and everything to some degree. Therefore, it is imperative that we maintain positive thoughts, feelings and actions the majority of the time.

We can do this by seeing the best in people even if it’s just acknowledging the spark of the Creator within them. Looking for the blessing or lesson in all situations, whether we consider them positive or negative from our perspective, is imperative as well. This normally takes time and practice before it becomes our natural way of being. Typically, we react to situations before we think, so initially it’s important to take a breath or two and think before we respond to a situation (Practicing mindfulness – being consciously present in the moment is very helpful.) Sometimes silence or no response is the best response.

We can increase our frequency by embracing love, forgiveness, compassion, and gratitude all of which benefit the whole and increase our vibration as well. We can embrace love just by feeling love or expressing our love for another individual. We can forgive others and our self. We can feel compassion for those less fortunate. We can express our gratitude and/or say “thank you” to our self throughout the day. We can replace feelings like fear, jealousy, hate and envy with love.

Another approach is to do something, anything that makes you feel good, like take a walk, meditate, play a musical instrument, do something creative, exercise, dance, sing, take a long, a relaxing bath – anything that makes you feel good because when you feel good you are emitting a high vibration.

May you walk with a smile holding love in your heart. 

Be joyful, embrace life and thrive!

With love,


P.S. Universal Laws posts will include:

  1. THE LAW OF DIVINE ONENESS – Everything is connected
  2. THE LAW OF VIBRATION – Everything vibrates
  3. THE LAW OF CORRESPONDENCE – As above so below
  4. THE LAW OF INSPIRED ACTION – We need to take action to accomplish something
  5. THE LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT – The law of karma
  6. THE LAW OF ATTRACTION – Like attracts like
  7. THE LAW OF PERPETUAL TRANSMUTATION OF ENERGY – Everything is always changing
  8. THE LAW OF RELATIVITY – Everything is neutral, everything is relative
  9. THE LAW OF BALANCE – Creation requires two energies, masculine and feminine
  10. THE LAW OF GENDER – Masculine and feminine
  11. THE LAW OF POLARITY – Everything has an opposite
  12. THE LAW OF RHYTHM – Everything moves in a cycle

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