The Practice Of Conscious Change

Resisting change

Most of us prefer to stay in our comfort zone and resist trying something new or making a change.  Rather than take a calculated risk we would rather stay where we are because where we are is something we are familiar with.  In some cases, possibly many, our present circumstances are not beneficial and may even be painful.

As human beings, our growth does not come from being in a comfortable place.  Pushing the envelope, taking risks, and making changes in our lives allows us to grow and become more than we were before taking those steps.  This can be done by taking small steps, making small changes that add up over time.

Once in a while, a quantum leap is made.  Many times this kind of change is thrust upon us by a life-altering situation, such as divorce, death, illness, accident or some other adverse occurrence.

When this happens we don’t have a choice about the event.  However, we always have a choice about how we will respond to the situation, and that can make a world of difference!  Our attitude about life in general as well as specific events in our life can be changed.  We have the inherent ability to alter the way we think and modify our beliefs.  Yes, it takes effort but we are capable, and the more we make these adjustments the easier it becomes to adapt.

We determine how we react to any given situation in life.  One can react with fear, or look at it as an opportunity, wondering what good will come from it?  Every challenging situation has a jewel within.  It provides a valuable lesson when we are willing to learn.  If we are not willing to learn life has a way of presenting us with similar situations over and over again until we decide to master the situation.  We have free will, so we can brood about the problem; on the other hand, we can also consider the situation a gift, an opportunity and make the best of it.  When we look for the gift we find it!  Not only do we find the jewel but it helps us move through the event with much more ease and grace.

We have probably all heard stories of someone who has had a tragedy of some sort in their life; an unfortunate event.  What happens to them after the incident shows their true character and attitude toward life.  A prime example is Christopher Reeve.  This man was on top of his world when a horse-riding accident paralyzed him and changed his life.  He could have been a bed-ridden individual feeling sorry for himself the rest of his life, instead, he chose to continue to live life to the fullest and was a powerful inspiration for many.  Compared to Christopher Reeve, in most cases, our problems are minuscule.

Detour - Conscious change

Change is inevitable whether we accept and embrace it or not.  Whether we like it or not we are going to experience change. Period. Change is an essential aspect of life.  So, our only choice is how we respond to change.  Are we embracing change, even seeking it, so that we can expand our awareness, knowledge, and wisdom, or are we resisting the inevitable; are we resisting change, thereby denying ourselves the wisdom of the experience?  Of course, if we are resisting it will most likely be thrust upon us again, providing another opportunity to embrace the challenge and learn from the experience.

My suggestion is that you embrace change.  In fact, if you are not feeling a little uncomfortable with your circumstances periodically, look for something that will challenge you, something that puts you outside your comfort zone, and notice the sense of satisfaction you have after moving through that experience.

Initiating this can be as simple as taking a different direction to work periodically or some other place you go regularly.  It can be reading if you don’t normally read, taking a walk if you don’t normally do so.  Initiating change in your life can be smiling at a stranger or complementing someone if this is not something you normally do.  After a while, some of your new ventures will become a normal practice for you, and even if they don’t you will have ventured out of your cocoon like a butterfly and that alone will provide a feeling of accomplishment.

Follow your heart, embrace joy and thrive!


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