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This Is Why Your Point Of Focus Is Of Paramount Importance

Greetings, dear ones. Your planet is experiencing a time of great change. Each and every one of you are experiencing a major shift as well. This, dear ones, this is an extraordinary opportunity; a time of choice, a time of quantum growth potential. This is a unique time, a grand time on your planet, and a grand time for the cosmos.  You have the ability to make unparalleled changes within yourself and your planet. You are creating your world via your thoughts, your feelings and your actions. You are also creating your group environment and the experiences of your planet as a whole, via your group consciousness. Your point of focus is of paramount importance during this period. Your point of focus determines what you are creating, what you are manifesting in your life, and in your world. This is an opportunity to make grand changes; to make quantum leaps in your spiritual development, in the growth of you as an individual and the growth of your planet.

We ask that you consider focusing on that which you wish to create, rather than what you see and experience in the world. If you wish to see your planet at peace, we encourage you to see the planet at peace, to feel yourself at peace – to experience the feeling of peace. We encourage you to focus on what you would like to see and experience in your world.

You have free will, dear ones; it is your choice.  It is always your choice whether you choose to employ in your life what we share.

When interacting with another human being, we invite you to look at their good points.  Find something to appreciate or love about them; something that will bring forth the light, something that will allow their light within to shine brighter.  As you do so, the light within you will shine brighter as well.

This is an opportunity for unprecedented leaps; you make these quantum leaps via your point of focus.  We encourage you to focus on the good within your world. We encourage you to focus on the good within yourself. We encourage you to maintain a high vibration, by placing your attention on the way you want your world to look – feeling the pleasure of that experience, rather than the way it appears.  When you focus on present discordant circumstances, you are reinforcing and re-creating the same experience; you are giving energy to that which you focus on.  When one wishes to change their circumstances or their world, it is imperative to hold the vision, hold the feeling of the New World, the new reality you wish manifest.

These are suggestions should you choose to follow them. You have free will; you have the ability to make your own choice for your highest good and the highest good of all. You are a sovereign being, and only you can make these choices; only you have the ability to change your circumstances and your world, through your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions.

As you go forth, we encourage you to focus on that which you want in your life, that which you desire in your world.  Your point of focus will determine your destination.   When you travel from one city to another, there is always the thought, even though it may be in the back of the mind, of where you are going, of your destination.  We encourage you to do the same with destinations that are not in the physical realm, which you wish to manifest in your world

Should you choose to do this, dear ones, know that we are watching. We are encouraging you. We are applauding you.

You are loved beyond your knowing.


Randall’s comments:

This is a timely topic that Lord Melchizedek has been nudging me to bring forth. I addressed focusing on the solution rather than the problem in previous posts. In this post, I’ll share a few ways in which I redirect my focus.

There are numerous current events and potential events that can draw us into them, if we allow the drama to pull us in. When we find ourselves focusing on these distractions – by dwelling on them, worrying about what might happen, or discussing them in detail with others – we are giving energy to those situations.

When we do that, it is normally accompanied by an uncomfortable feeling, as if we are not quite centered.

If you wish to change your point of attention, change the direction of the conversation when it moves in a direction you would rather not take.  When you find yourself worrying about something, stop and focus on something that makes you feel good.

This is how I change my point of focus:

When I find myself thinking about a potential catastrophe, or something else of a lower vibration, I redirect my thoughts to the opposite, or something totally different that makes me feel good.  For example, let’s say I see something on the internet that talks about the possibility of a pole shift, resulting in a disaster. That is no problem as long as I do not dwell on the subject, giving energy to it. If I do find myself harboring that thought too long, I will think of, see, or sense the earth as a balanced, joyful place with people living in harmony, enjoying life. Or, I may shift my attention to someone or some place that I love. Or, I may say “Cancel, delete” and focus on something else.

When I’m in a conversation with someone who brings up something about some current or possible calamity, I may talk with them briefly about the subject, but will eventually direct the conversation to a different topic.  If they persist with the subject I may even tell them that I don’t wish to dwell on that topic, explaining that we give energy to that which we focus on, changing the direction of the conversation.

As stated above, if I find myself worrying about something, I might say “Cancel, delete” and change my focus.

This is another method I use that I have mentioned before in my blog:

Say “STOP,” then focus your attention on your breathing for a moment or two to center yourself and be present.

Determine what threw you off-center by asking what it was.  In many cases, you won’t have to ask because you’ll know right away what you were thinking.

After you determine what you were worrying about, acknowledge that you were worrying and move into the energy, into the feeling.  That alone will allow the energy and worry feeling to partially or completely dissipate.

The next step is to create a short affirmation of the opposite and then move into that feeling.  For example, if you found yourself worrying about finances, you could say something like, “I allow myself to enjoy financial abundance,” then move into that feeling.  Alternatively, you could ask yourself, “What would it feel like to be outrageously prosperous?” or something similar. Remember, it is important to move into the feeling each time, and to feel grateful for your prosperity.  I cannot over-emphasize the importance of getting into the feeling.

Feel gratitude for the subject of your affirmation as if you already have it, which is the opposite of what you were worrying about.

If you don’t have time for the full exercise when you find yourself worrying, you can move directly from worry to appreciation or gratitude.

STOP, breathe, question, embrace, state affirmation and appreciate

Stop – Say STOP and stop worrying.

Breathe – Conscious breathing.

Question – Determine what is bothering you.

Embrace – Embrace the energy and allow it to dissipate.

State – State opposite affirmation.

FeelFeel gratitude and/or appreciation for your creation (affirmation).


Be joyful, embrace life and thrive!

With love,


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  1. Catherine

    Hi I have on several occasions asked for the Sacred breath instructions which never come. What am I doing incorrectly?

    1. Randall Monk

      Hi Catherine, I apologize for that. I don’t recall seeing a previous message from you. Are you referring to the Infinity Breath?

  2. Leonor

    Thanks, you reinforce something I was intending, and now I know how.

    1. Randall Monk

      You are very welcome, Leonor!

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