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Obelisk Michele refers to… Per our shaman guide, Jorge Luis Delgado: hand on the heart – love, hand on the abdominal area – with no fear.

Tiwanaku, Bolivia – A Personal Experience with an Inner-Earth Being

In February of 2011, I embarked on a spiritual pilgrimage to Bolivia with a group of over 90 people.  We flew from Miami, Florida, arriving in La Paz, Bolivia on February 3, 2011. I stayed for a couple of extra days, with several others, to work with a shaman at Valley of Souls.

On occasion, this was a challenging trip, more for some than others. We endured many hours on buses through some muddy, sometimes pothole-ridden, and water-laden roads (I am still amazed that those buses made it). At times, as I looked out the window, the road was completely covered with water, as if we were driving through a pond. It was the rainy season; fortunately, we experienced mostly sunny days on this trip. We also spent hours in four-wheel drive vehicles, on even more rugged landscapes, sometimes where there were no roads. Our drivers were amazing, driving for many hours at a time, yet aptly adept at maneuvering unforgiving terrain. A four-wheel drive vehicle did get bogged down in mud once; the other drivers came to the rescue, as we looked on from the distance.

Some had problems with elevation sickness. The altitude in La Paz is 3,650 m (11,975 ft), and at times we were probably above 15,700 feet on this journey. I didn’t have a major problem with the elevation but did notice that it was difficult to breathe initially until my body adjusted. I did drink quite a bit of the ever-present coca tea when it was available. It helps to adjust to the elevation.

This adventure was a true test of our ability to adapt, move with the flow, and be an observer.

During our time in Bolivia, we visited numerous locations, namely, Valle de las Rocas (Valley of the Rocks), Laguna Turkuiri (Lake Turkuiri), Salar de Uyuni (Salt Flats of Uyuni), Isla del sol (Island of the Sun), Tiwanaku, and Valle de las Almas (Valley of Souls). I have posted some photos below.

Our shaman guide on this adventure was Jorge Luis Delgado, author of Andean Awakening, an Inca guide to Mystical Peru. We also worked with a shaman on Island of the Sun (I don’t recall his name) and a shaman, Don Miguel Kavlin, at his center located in Valley of Souls.

We arrived at the sacred site of Tiwanaku, Bolivia, near the south eastern shore of Lake Titicaca, on February 9, 2011. Tiwanaku is believed to be at the center of the world by some. The archaeological site of Tiwanaku (also spelled Tiahuanaco) is located approximately 71 km, about two and a half hours from La Paz.

I stepped off the bus, not feeling any significant connection with this site. That did not last long. After a brief period of time, we gathered and entered the archaeological area. As I entered, a familiar feeling began to come over me; I was sensing deep emotion, as I walked the sacred ground of Tiwanaku. This happens to me occasionally when I’m at a sacred site that bears some significance for me. I don’t always know what the significance is, but I can sure feel it. The sensation is undeniable. This place touched me in a very special way.

The sunken temple of Tiwanaku offered a unique experience for many of us on this journey. One story in particular, that I would like to share, comes from a dear friend Switzerland, who I met on this pilgrimage, Michele Guggisberg. Michele has graciously agreed to allow me to share her touching experience with an inner earth being.

Michele shared her story with us, in writing, after we all returned home. This is what she had to say:

Dear Family,

For the first time when we left for Tiwanaku (on 9.2) [February 9, 2011], I heard about beings living intra Earth. It was in the silence of our ceremony that I saw them… I would like to resume my encounter with these people and the message they transmitted to me for the ones that are interested.

Eyes closed, spirit in the void, I see beings coming out of a stairway made of soil just in front of the Obelisk of the site, and at the same time Nina is channeling in their language.

Here the most precise description possible:

Crystal SkullTiwanaku, Bolivia Skull

It is a mix of these two pictures. They are thin, approx. 1.6 m tall (approx. 5 feet), their body is like ice covered in frost; I can guess their blood stream is a darker color through their dense opaque white milky skin. They are very light and fluid in their movements as if they would be suspended just above the ground. They move in a light and fluid way. They have hollow eyes but when I look into them I see the fullness. They bring out such a happy and light impression, like curious, playful and very new children. At the same time I can feel such a wisdom and depth, as if they know everything. They seem to be so happy to see us; they smile from the bottom of their heart and dance around the Obelisk, in the center of our group.

This was my first unforgettable and unexpected encounter with the blue people. I felt so honored that I was crying…. Without knowing that one of them would come back to talk to me.

It happened on the boat on the way to the island of Sun. Sitting next to Nicole, I see a blue being sitting in front of us. He was laughing at us, imitating our gestures with his hands and fingers. He was laughing like a child. And then he wanted to talk to me, but how???? He wasn’t talking, so how to communicate? I was waiting and suddenly, I see a bright white ray coming out of his hollow and at the same time full eyes. This ray is directed to my 3rd eye and enters my head. In operating a zoom on this ray I can see that the ray is composed of signs, symbols, and drawings coming from him into my skull like these ones Ω ∞ π α ∏ ∑ ≈ and others more complicated.

He explains to me telepathically, without words, that everything we are looking at is transmitted in symbols in our brain and each sign, symbol has its space in a drawer of the brain library and I can see an immense library, very high, filled with thousands of drawers that open and close by themselves.

He explains to me that these pictures we look at are dissected in symbols which go into these drawers and this has served humanity consciousness since the beginning of times. It serves also our evolution as a soul and as a species in evolution.

Then suddenly another ray comes out of his eye sockets and goes directly to my heart. It is like a liquid fluid that I can feel penetrating my heart like a gentle and emotional sensation. He explains to me that this is the functioning of the world of the feelings and the emotions–that the feelings move through liquid fluids and flow through the water of the body and the air, like waves. This is the world of feeling, and unconditional love is the master of it. And then I see the teeth which are the pillars protecting and guarding the palate, the Sacred Vault, he tells me. The vibrating sounds emitted by the movement of the vocal cords have creative power. The more the vibration is high and fast, the more the creation is fine and detailed, like flowers and butterflies. The more the vibration is low and slow, the more heavy and big things are created like mountains and elephants. So it is that these beings communicate by telepathy, they create with their voice into the manifestation and keep their knowledge in their mental library. They exchange their feelings by the world of fluids. What privilege…. What gratitude….. As one goes along I explained to Nicole what I received, she could follow my words in also seeing the pictures or in sensing the sensations. It was magical and still today I can hardly believe it!

“The Return of the blue blooded people” could be the title of a book which may be written through me. To be continued!

From the bottom of my heart thank you to all of you for your presence, your love and your courage throughout all the challenges of this trip! See you soon! I love you! Michèle

Sunken temple of Tiwanaku
Sunken temple of Tiwanaku


Our group in the sunken temple of Tiwanaku
Our group in the sunken temple of Tiwanaku


Hand on the heart – love, hand on the abdominal area – with no fear.
Obelisk Michele refers to… Per our shaman guide, Jorge Luis Delgado: hand on the heart – love, hand on the abdominal area – with no fear.


Our shaman guide on this adventure, Jorge Luis Delgado
Our shaman guide on this adventure, Jorge Luis Delgado


One of our Peruvian shamans and his family
One of our Peruvian shamans and his family


Yep, it’s a road under that water


4x4 stuck in the mud
4×4 stuck in the mud


Lake Titicaca
Leaving for Island of the Sun on Lake Titicaca


Island of the Sun, Lake Titicaca


Island of the Sun
Taken on Island of the Sun


Valley of Souls
Valley of Souls


Center where we stayed at Valley of Souls and worked with shaman Don Miguel Kavlin and his wife, Carmen (yes, they were like hobbit dwellings).


Valley of Souls shaman Don Miguel Kavlin & yours truly.

Be joyful, embrace life and thrive!

With love,


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