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Endeavor To View Life And Circumstances Around You With Detachment


Be an observer and reserve judgment; seek and live your own truth as it has been revealed to you. As the higher frequency life begins to hit the dark, everything is being exposed. Nothing can stay hidden anymore. It’s not that people are worse or situations are worse, or our world is in a worse condition. It’s just that it was hidden and we weren’t as aware. Not only are we coming into self-awareness, but with the technology that we have today, we have worldwide self-awareness of what’s going on all over the world. Way back when I was born was all we had was the radio, and it was very limited. – Ronna Vezane

This is about detachment, being an observer. One of the most important things about being an observer is not getting caught up in the drama. Being an observer is being present in the moment, being mindful. When we are present in the moment, we are aware of our thoughts. Don’t judge the thought. Don’t judge the circumstances around your environment. Just observe the environment, observe what’s going on. Otherwise, our thoughts go wild, and our emotions go wild right along with them. When we are observing, when we’re present in the moment, we can be aware of those emotions before they lower our vibration. Then we are controlling our emotions rather than our emotions, controlling us. I’m not saying to stop emotions. I’m saying don’t judge them, observe them. When we observe them, they tend to fade away.  – Randall Monk

Be joyful, embrace life, and thrive!

With love, Randall

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“A self-mastery is responsive to the surrounding environment while being the observer of mundane life experiences from a higher vantage point.” – Archangel Michael * Ronna Vezane *

“As we become a self-master and we begin to bring our frequencies into harmony, beginning to clear our chakras, becoming more attuned so that we can bring in more of the higher frequencies from the higher realms, from our higher self, teachers and our guides, we begin to see things differently. We become wiser in a spiritual way about how things work. First of all, being nonjudgmental. We begin to move out of judgment because judgment is an opinion of something that you have within you.” – Ronna

“Being an observer is a process. It takes practice. I would encourage you to practice on small things. If you feel frustrated with something, for example, if you knock a glass over instead of getting angry at yourself or angry at the situation, step back and be an observer, watch how you’re handling it. Watch your feelings and your reaction to that situation. Then when the big things happen to you, you’re ready; it’s automatic. You become an observer. You watch what’s happening instead of getting caught up in it.” – Randall

If we want things to change for the better, we are the ones who must change. By maintaining a high vibration we help to raise the frequency of the collective. We are the change. 

“We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. This is the divine mystery supreme. A wonderful thing it is and the source of our happiness. We need not wait to see what others do.” – Mahatma Gandhi

I hope you enjoyed the video. 

Be joyful, embrace life, and thrive!

With love, Randall

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When we see with our physical eyes, it appears that we are alone in the physical world. On the other hand, when we “look” with our feelings, with our hearts, we “see” that we are not alone.  I heard the following in a movie that I don’t recall the title to: “Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.” It’s true, there are mighty forces that will come to our aid, and all we have to do is take the first step. It is also essential to ask for the spiritual realm’s assistance, giving our permission for them to intervene on our behalf.    

Follow your inner guidance and take action – BE BOLD – and mighty forces will come to your aid.

If you are feeling stuck, I suggest that you take some action on anything. As we move, it initiates a series of events that would not have taken place if we had remained stationary. If you are not sure what to do about something, perform some research on the topic of interest.  Researching a subject gets the “juices” flowing… ideas and insights begin coming into our consciousness.

Another method is to ask questions and keep asking questions until the answers come. It can be the same question over and over again until you get the response you’re seeking. Don’t give up; keep asking. As the ideas come, take action on what feels appropriate. If it doesn’t work out, modify, and move in a slightly different direction or even in a completely different direction. We are on a journey, and a trip does not usually go in a straight line. As a private pilot, I can tell you that even an airplane needs to make corrections, though it appears to be flying in a straight line. There is nothing wrong with taking action to find out that we need to make a correction and move in a different direction.

We often don’t take action because we are not sure if we are making the right decision – making the right move. We are fearful of making a mistake. My feeling is that if I am not making mistakes, I’m not taking enough action. As we take action, we receive guidance about necessary adjustments via insights, feelings, and other means, too numerous to mention. If we do not take a step in one direction or another, we are drifting backward rather than progressing. We need to be moving forward with the intent to make corrections on our course when needed. We came here to experience life and expand; we cannot do that by standing still.  

The following poem by W.H. Murray sums it up nicely:

Until one is committed,

there is hesitancy,

The chance to draw back,

always ineffectiveness.

Concerning all acts

of initiative (and creation)

there is one elementary truth,

the ignorance of which kills

countless ideas and splendid plans:

that the moment

one definitely commits oneself,

then Providence moves too.

All sorts of things occur

to help one that would never

otherwise have occurred.

A whole stream of events

issues from the decision,

raising in one’s favor all manner

of unforeseen incidents and meetings

and material assistance,

which no man could have dreamed

would have come his way.

I have learned a deep respect

For one of Goethe’s couplets:

Whatever you can do,

or dream you can, begin it.

Boldness has genius,

power and magic in it.



I can personally attest to the fact that by being decisive and initiating the process (rather than waiting for everything to be perfect), doors open that are totally unexpected.

Nothing significant happens until we commit (even a small step) and move in the appropriate direction. I encourage you to act and make adjustments as you go. Please don’t wait until it’s all perfect. Precision will come with the process, with forward motion and corrections as you go. As you do so, mighty forces will come to your aid.

Be joyful, embrace life and thrive!

With love,


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When our heart is open, we have access to the beauty around us; the radiance of every soul we encounter, and the splendor of nature.

Some of us feel the need to protect our heart because of one or more hurtful experiences.  It may be challenging to maintain an open heart without feeling vulnerable for those of us who have done so, resulting in a painful experience.  For that reason, many have, consciously or unconsciously, placed a protective shield over their heart.  Placing a barrier around our heart works for protection, but it also restricts our heartfelt interactions with others. 

A more efficient form of protection comes from maintaining a high vibration, enabling our heart to be wide open, yet safe.  When we sustain a high frequency, it overrides lower frequency thought forms and energies; they cannot penetrate our energy field.  Therefore, energies of a lower frequency are not drawn to us because our vibration is of a higher order, bringing forth higher frequency experiences into our life. 

Learn how to maintain a high vibration here:

Be joyful, embrace life, and thrive!

With love,


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During January 2014, I traveled to Japan to teach the Quest For Mastery Level III material.  Quest For Mastery is a school with a primary focus on Archangel Michael’s Wisdom Teachings, as given through Ronna Vezane.

While I was in Japan, my gracious hosts took me on a tour of Nikko. One of the places we visited was the beautiful, magnificent, and quite impressive Nikko Toshogu Shrine.

Toshogu is a large, spectacular shrine complex built in the early 1600s. I did not realize how old the wise monkey philosophy was. I was surprised to see the speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil monkeys carved on the wall of a stable within the shrine complex.

As a teenager, I had a small knickknack of the three monkeys in my bedroom. Here is my interpretation of the three wise monkeys.

See No Evil

As we look at our world, if we choose to, we will see “negative events.” When we consciously (or unconsciously) focus on those unfortunate incidents, we add our energy to them.

Focusing on these events energizes them further, as well as opening the door to negative experiences in our own lives. What we focus on is magnified. We bring the object of our attention into our energy field, creating a similar vibration.

The Lesson:

The message is for us is to focus our attention on what we want to experience and enhance in our lives. Rather than spending our energies on adverse events, it is more beneficial to focus on the positive and take note of the good all around us.

Speak No Evil

This concept is quite simple; to speak positively about other people and of one’s self, which includes our thoughts and feelings.

The Lesson:

Once again, what we focus on, we magnify. What we focus on, we create in our life. When we speak or think poorly about ourselves (or another), we bring the frequency of that energy into our life experience.

As I see it, the lesson is to speak and think positively about ourselves and others – to focus on the good in other people and place our attention on what’s right in our lives and within ourselves.

Hear No Evil

If we choose to, we can subject ourselves to an enormous amount of negative thought forms from other people, as well as the plethora of media including television and radio news, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet.

People love to gossip about others. When we participate in gossip, we are producing negative energies for the person (or persons) we’re talking about, and for ourselves.

The Lesson:

Hear no evil advises us to listen to and discuss the good in others and our world. If someone chooses to engage in gossip, I prefer to steer the conversation in another direction or excuse myself.

As tempting as it can be to gossip, I know that it serves no good for the object of the negative talk or me.


Everything is energy – we are energy, and our thoughts are energy.

Where we focus our speech, hearing, and sight, enhances that energy, positive or negative.  Therefore, we must monitor what we expose ourselves to if we want to lead a life filled with good fortune, with rich and fulfilling experiences.

We can endeavor to place our attention on beneficial thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions. We have a choice.  

Be joyful, embrace life, and thrive!

With love,


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You are going through challenging times, dear ones.  These are the times you incarnated to experience.  These are times of significant personal transformation, should you decide to use them as such.  It is during periods of difficulty that you, as human beings, have the opportunity to expand your consciousness and make quantum leaps in your spiritual development, if you remain conscious and if you employ the necessary tools. 

Challenges are a way of life on planet earth.  For some of you, life’s challenges are like a pothole in the road, and for others, they appear to be the size of your Grand Canyon.  With practice, you can move through life’s ups and downs like a joyful ride on a roller coaster.  You have the ability to manage difficult times with ease and grace.  You determine if your journey is a stressful one or a joyful one.  Being in a human body can be challenging, but it does not have to be.  The key is to remain present, conscious, and flexible.  Be aware of what is happening in the NOW moment and make the necessary adjustments to move with the river of life, rather than against it.  As you move with the energy in this manner, life becomes a joy, and so much easier than when you resist the natural flow.  To do this, you do not need to see far off into the future, just the next step or so. 

As you learn to “read” the energy and move in the appropriate direction, you will find yourself in a new world, enjoying the beauty of life as unexpected doors open and magnificent vistas appear on the horizon that were totally unexpected.  Life becomes a sublime experience of ever-expanding joy and bliss.

Each and every one of you has more assistance beyond the veil than you can imagine.  Ask for our help, and it will be given.  However, you must remain conscious to recognize our help when it arrives, for it will come in many forms and through unexpected channels.

You are loved beyond your knowing.

I AM Melchizedek

Randall’s Comments:

I have found that life becomes more complicated when I resist the natural flow of energy.  I’m going to give some examples from my own life experience of how I moved with the energy to illustrate what Melchizedek is referring to.  By the way, I had no idea that I was following the energy until years after my first experience.

Military Draft

When I was 18 years old, and about to graduate from high school, I was concerned about being drafted into the U.S Army and sent to Viet Nam to fight in a war that I did not want to participate in.  I was told that if I went to college or was married with a family, I would not be drafted.  I don’t know if that was true or not, but I thought it was at the time, so I acted accordingly.  I was not ready for college or marriage, so I ruled out those options.  On the other hand, I did not want to be drafted and sent to Viet Nam either. 

After giving it some thought, I wondered what would happen if I volunteered – if I enlisted in the Army.   That seemed contrary to what I wanted because I was not interested in being in the military period!  But, since the idea came to mind, I figured that I should at least look into it.  As it turned out, if I enlisted in the Army, I could request two locations where I would like to be stationed, and while it was not guaranteed, I was told that my request would be considered.  I asked for Japan or Germany.  As a result, I was stationed in Germany!  I had a wonderful time (except for the military part) and had the opportunity to visit Switzerland, Belgium, and Holland while I was there. 

At the suggestion of my commanding officer, I went to college on the GI Bill after coming back home, as I continued to follow the energy.  The GI Bill was an educational assistance program for ex-military personnel.

Major Life Transition

Much later in life, in December of 2006, the company I had been working for as a wholesale sales representative in the mortgage business declared bankruptcy and went out of business.  I had been in the mortgage business since 1978 in various capacities, so even though I never had a passion for that business, I was comfortable with it.  It gave me a lot of freedom and a good income.  After the company I had been working for went bankrupt, I tried holding on to what I had been doing for 28 plus years, by working for three other companies during 2007.  It wasn’t working; it was evident that the energy had shifted, and it was time for me to do what I had in regards to the military and go where the energy wanted to take me, which was in a completely different direction. 

I had planned to step out into the world of self-help, metaphysics, and spirituality as a teacher because I had been studying and practicing those topics since the early 1970s, but I intended to do it gradually. 

I decided that it was time to cut my ties with the mortgage industry and move in the direction the energy was taking me, where it was apparent that the Universe wanted me to go.  This was a major, life-altering decision because it required me to reinvent myself.  So here I am, years later continuing to do what I came here to do, sharing knowledge and wisdom garnered over the years. 

What I have found is that it is very obvious when we are moving with the energy because there is a nice flow to life.  Things go our way, unexpected doors open, and life is good.  There may be challenges; however, we’re able to deal with them.  It is also obvious when we are not moving with the energy.  Things just don’t go as smoothly, and there are more complications.  When we frequently encounter obstacles, it is the Universe telling us that we need to make an adjustment.  It may be a slight change or a significant life-altering modification.  These practices apply to all areas of life, including relationships, health, and one’s spiritual path, to name a few.    

When we are not moving with the natural flow, it’s as if we are swimming upstream, which requires a lot more effort than when we move with the energy.  The more we resist the natural flow, the more energy it requires.


  • Pay attention to what’s working and what’s not working.
  • When events in our life are going smoothly, doors are opening and life is generally good, we are moving with the energy. When things are falling into place with relative ease, we are on the right path and moving with the natural flow of life.
  • If you are coming upon obstacle after obstacle in some area of your life, it may be time to make an adjustment, using your intuition for guidance.
  • If you make a mistake it is no big deal, just make another alteration to your course, just like you would if you were lost in a city. If you need some directions, check with your inner guidance.   
  • Sometimes a minor adjustment will make a world of difference, and sometimes a major modification is necessary. Consider your options with an open mind and go with what feels  Writing your options on paper can be very helpful, especially in providing a clear picture.  
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UNIVERSAL LAWS – The Law Of Rhythm


Our world moves in cycles – everything is constantly changing. For example, we have seasons and we have the cycles of the moon.

As individuals, we have cycles as well. Whatever we are going through will not last, it is temporary. Ocean tides ebb and flow. The economy has ups and downs.

This law is sometimes referred to as the Law of Perpetual Motion.

Practical Practices to Align with the Law of Rhythm.

As mentioned above, our lives move in cycles. When we have a life challenge we can focus on a positive outcome and wait it out – everything changes – change is a constant; more favorable times will come and they’re more likely to arrive sooner when we focus on a positive outcome.

Wait out the challenging times, focusing on the solution and make the most of the good times when they arrive.

Bottom line: We can affect this law by raising our vibration and focusing on the positive aspects of other people and events in our life. A high vibration attracts high vibrational events in our life.

“Everything flows out and in; everything has its tides;

all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests

in everything; the measure of the swing to the right,

is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm


― Three Initiates, The Kybalion

“The Hermetic Master, or advanced student, polarizes himself [or herself] at the desired pole, and by a process akin to “refusing” to participate in the backward swing, or, if you prefer, a “denial” of its influence over him, he stands firm in his polarized position, and allows the mental pendulum to swing back along the unconscious plane. All individuals who have attained any degree of self-mastery, accomplish this, more or less unknowingly, and by refusing to allow their moods and negative mental states to affect them, they apply the Law of Neutralization. The Master, however, carries this to a much higher degree of proficiency, and by the use of his Will he attains a degree of Poise and Mental Firmness almost impossible of belief on the part of those who allow themselves to be swung backward and forward by the mental pendulum of moods and feelings.” – Three Initiates. The Kybalion

Be joyful, embrace life, and thrive!

With love,


P.S. Universal Laws posts will include:

1.     THE LAW OF DIVINE ONENESS – Everything is connected

2.     THE LAW OF VIBRATION – Everything vibrates

3.     THE LAW OF CORRESPONDENCE – As above so below

4.     THE LAW OF INSPIRED ACTION – We need to take action to accomplish something

5.     THE LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT – The law of karma

6.     THE LAW OF ATTRACTION – Like attracts like

7.     THE LAW OF PERPETUAL ENERGY TRANSMUTATION – Everything is always changing

8.     THE LAW OF RELATIVITY – Everything is neutral, everything is relative

9.     THE LAW OF BALANCE and THE LAW OF GENDER – Creation (in this universe?) requires two energies, masculine and feminine

10. THE LAW OF POLARITY – Everything has an opposite

11. THE LAW OF RHYTHM – Everything moves in a cycle

©2020 – Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given. This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print with permission.  Randall Monk –

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UNIVERSAL LAWS – The Law Of Polarity


Everything has an opposite. We have day and night, hot and cold, light and dark, good and bad, white and black. These are all different degrees (extremes) of the same thing. Hot and cold may appear to be opposite; however, they are just different degrees of the same thing – temperature.

Practical Practices to Align with the Law of Polarity

Since everything has an opposite consider this: every misfortune has a silver lining!

Reminding yourself of this will help you get through challenging times by focusing on the silver lining.

We can transform our thoughts, feelings, and emotions by placing our attention on the opposite end of the spectrum.

For example, if we are feeling hateful, we can focus on love.

If we are feeling fearful, we can focus on courage.

By focusing on the opposite end of the spectrum when something takes us to a low vibration, we consciously raise our frequency.

We can use the law of polarity to our advantage by always focusing on the good in the people and the events in our life, and we raise our vibration when we do this.

David R. Hawkins set up a calibration system for levels of human consciousness, known as “The Hawkins Scale,” which arbitrarily assigns the numbers 1 to 1,000 as the possible range of consciousness, as seen in the image below.

In Lightworker Mission, by Owen Waters, he states that one individual at only 200 on the scale counterbalances many, many individuals who are below the critical level of 200. Furthermore, an individual who is at 300 counterbalances an incredible total of 90,000 people below the 200 level and it gets even better as we rise above 300!

You can purchase an illustration Of the Map of Consciousness here on Dr. Hawkins’ website

Many have said, “What can I do, I’m only one person?” Well, now you know what you can do as one person just by raising your frequency.

Be joyful, embrace life, and thrive!

With love,


P.S. Universal Laws posts will include:

  1. THE LAW OF DIVINE ONENESS – Everything is connected
  2. THE LAW OF VIBRATION – Everything vibrates
  3. THE LAW OF CORRESPONDENCE – As above so below
  4. THE LAW OF INSPIRED ACTION – We need to take action to accomplish something
  5. THE LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT – The law of karma
  6. THE LAW OF ATTRACTION – Like attracts like
  7. THE LAW OF PERPETUAL ENERGY TRANSMUTATION – Everything is always changing
  8. THE LAW OF RELATIVITY – Everything is neutral, everything is relative
  9. THE LAW OF BALANCE and THE LAW OF GENDER – Creation (in this universe?) requires two energies, masculine and feminine
  10. THE LAW OF POLARITY – Everything has an opposite
  11. THE LAW OF RHYTHM – Everything moves in a cycle


©2020 – Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given. This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print with permission.  Randall Monk –