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  • Proven methods for developing your Psychic abilities, including communicating with Angels, Guides, your Higher Self, Channeling, Mediumship, Psychic Readings and more….
  • Practices to Enhance Your Inherent Psychic Gifts
  • Learn how to…
  • Consciously establish communication with your guides, angels and other beings of light.
  • Access more of your intuition and inherent psychic abilities.
  • Interpret signs and symbols used by your angels and guides to communicate with you.
  • This comprehensive, experiential Psychic Development eProgram consists of nine 60 -75 minute sessions broken down into individual lessons, including experiential exercises and guided meditations.
  • Topics Include:
  • – Channeling & automatic writing
  • – Mediumship & Interpreting Signs and Symbols
  • – Chakras – balancing and clearing
  • – Cord cutting & Psychic Protection
  • – How to see Auras
  • – Astral Travel
  • – Psychic Readings
  • – Psychometry
  • – Ways to become a Professional Psychic

This eProgram is derived from a series of live webinars. Each lesson in this program establishes the foundation for the next, therefore it is essential that students start at the beginning, participating and practicing as they progress to completion, accomplishing the intention they set at the beginning of the series.

Progress at Your Own Pace

Lessons are sent once a week via email.

The introductory session is free:

Meet the Teachers:

Pamela Shelly


Pamela Shelly teaches internationally and has been on the spiritual and metaphysical path for over 30 years. She loves assisting Lightworkers to share their unique gifts, release their blocks to prosperity and learn the practical business steps needed to make a greater impact in the world. As an author, healer, psychic medium and Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner, Pamela has offered readings for over a decade, taught her clients tools for self-mastery and how to develop their psychic abilities. Many of her clients now successfully offer their gifts professionally. Pamela also teaches a Sound Healing Practitioner Training working with the Hathors, business mentoring programs and she loves to taking groups to Sacred Sites around the world.


Randall Monk

Randy Japan 3Randall Monk is an international teacher of self-improvement, metaphysics and spiritual development.  He has been studying subjects of this nature since the early 1970’s and teaching them since 2007.  He created the Becoming an Alpha Master audio program with Ronna/Sacred Scribe’s collaboration.  For several years, he has been working closely with Ronna, a messenger for Archangel Michael. Randall is Executive Facilitator of Quest For Mastery, an online school, with a focus on the teachings of Archangel Michael.  He also helps people discover their life purpose, manage life’s challenges and manifest their dreams, among other things, via webinars and workshops.  As a Memory Seed Crystal Activator, Randall works closely with a group of angels and special, encoded Seed Crystals

The Program

#1 Introduction

Meet the Teachers – Overview of the Accelerated Psychic Development Program

  • eProgram Overview
  • Vacuuming Exercise
  • What is Your Symbol Meditation

#2 Lesson 1

  • An Invocation of Guides, Angels and Higher Self, Grounding and Protection Exercise
  • Differences Between Intuitive, Psychic, Telepathy & Channeling
  • The 4 Clairs
  • What is Your Clair Meditation
  • Funmusement

#3 Lesson 2

  • A Third Eye Clearing Exercise with Pamela
  • Is Psychic Protection Necessary? Entities and Negative Energies
  • Mediumship & Interpreting Signs and Symbols
  • Pineal Gland Activation
  • Funmusement

#4 Lesson 3

  • Tools to Strengthen Your Psychic Abilities
  • The Chakras & How to See Auras
  • Clearing and Balancing the Chakras
  • Connecting with the Mineral and Plant Kingdoms
  • Meet Your Totem Animal
  • Managing Anger, Fear and Worry
  • Funmusement

#5 Lesson 4

  • Meet Your Animal Guide
  • Channeling Practice
  • Channeling Protocol
  • Moving into and Altered State
  • Professional Psychic Interview – Liah Howard
  • Funmusement

#6 Lesson 5

  • Astral Travel Explained
  • Conscious Astral Travel Meditation
  • Funmusement

#7 Lesson 6

  • Affirmation Exercise
  • Psychic Readings
  • Psychometry
  • Psychic Confidence Meditation
  • Cutting Cords and Breaking Agreements Exercise
  • Past Life Journey
  • Funmusement

#8 Lesson 7

  • Heart Sanctuary Meditation
  • Ways to become a Professional Psychic
  • Deepen Your Psychic Connection Meditation
  • Funmusement

#9 Lesson 8

  • Being of Service Meditation
  • Overview of The Business Program
  • Going Deeper into Trance Meditation
  • Funmusement

You can access #1 here where you will meet the teachers, experience a cleansing exercise, and discover your symbol:

This series lasts for 9 weeks total. For optimum learning, we recommend that you experience one lesson a week to maintain your momentum. However, you are free to progress at your own pace.


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