Your Four Angels

*STAR*QUEST* ARCHANGEL MICHAEL ** RONNA / SACRED SCRIBE  A GIFT BEYOND COMPARE FROM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL           I offer you four magnificent angels from my Legions of Light.  How would you like them to serve?  All you have to do is ask.  They will guide, guard and protect you.  They will inspire you, assist you to …

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If You Radiate Love From Your Heart Center It Will Be Enough

https://youtu.be/JV4qs91vvz0 “If you radiate love from your heart center to those around you it will be enough. Your reward will be the light in the eyes of those around you and the joy that they will express as they too allow the integration of Spirit to create miracles in their lives.” – Archangel Michael * …

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The Ultimate Ascension Tool

https://youtu.be/01vPhpdp8XE  THE ULTIMATE ASCENSION TOOL Practical Applications What Is Ascension? Let’s start with this question: What is ascension? Ascension is simply the process of increasing one’s vibration; in other words moving to a higher frequency. Ascended beings are vibrating at a much higher rate than those who have not ascended yet. I’m going to mention …

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Managing Fear

https://youtu.be/X_1VwCbxErA EMBRACING FEAR Managing fear so that it does not seize our life is of paramount importance because if we don’t, it takes over, and we can no longer move smoothly along the river of life.  Fear will incapacitate us if we allow it to do so. First, I acknowledge the fear. Then I experience/embrace …

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Fear Takes Away Your Power

https://youtu.be/6Rpkzed1dRI “Never forget, fear takes away your power. The general mass-consciousness belief system is powered by negative, hostile thinking, and a resistance to new concepts and change. The majority of the masses are frozen in a reality of pain and suffering, but are unwilling to entertain new expansive ideas, which would relieve them from their …

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Living Each Day As A Mastery #7

https://youtu.be/C2x80TJZN1g LIVING EACH DAY AS A MASTER  Your life experiences are the way they are because of your perceptions and beliefs. Change these and you change your reality.  You see and experience life according to the thought frequencies that you project via your everyday thinking. You may not want to accept this, but nevertheless, it is …

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Living Each Day As A Master #6

https://youtu.be/Fo0S0Zh3PUo THROUGHOUT THE DAY Envision Spirit perched on your shoulder as a Sacred Witness.   As situations arise or you interact with people (especially in stressful situations or situations that really get your attention), become an observer of the process. Experience, observe, analyze, act and integrate the wisdom of the occurrence.  By operating in this …

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Living Each Day As A Master #5

https://youtu.be/u8crRbEpV9A THROUGHOUT THE DAY As you begin your day, envision SPIRIT PERCHED ON YOUR SHOULDER AS A SACRED WITNESS. You may make it personal and see a beautiful angel perched there, or a guide or ascended master of your choice. Make it real, for it will be. Again, intent is the key. It will become more real …

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Living Each Day As A Master #3

https://youtu.be/DkEaVOTeEbo MORNING Review your night; recapture any of your dreams and their meanings.           Envision a crystalline pillar of golden-white Light radiating down from your Divine I AM Presence, and surrounding you and then anchoring in the crystalline core of the Earth.  See a laser beam of Light spiraling down through your crown chakra, piercing …

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